Saturday, January 28, 2012


Welcome to "Confessions of the Obsessed"! This is my very first blog, under this title.  However, I have been blogging for a almost a year with my daughter, Andrea, and oldest granddaughter, Emma, under the name of "Tablescape Times Three".  In October of 2010, Emma became very ill and was unable to attend school for almost six months.  Since our family is obsessed with tableware of all kinds, my daughter suggested that in order to fill some of our free time, we should start a tablescaping blog.  All three of us contributed and the youngest granddaughter, Ava, made her debut in one of the blogs. Both girls already have silver patterns and their brother, Carson, receives sterling mint julep cups every Christmas.They enjoy  setting a pretty table already. As you can see, Emma (on the top left), looks healthy and happy today and she and her mother are so busy that they really do not have time to blog often.  We are keeping the "Tablescape Times Three" ( blog and we all will post from time to time.  However, I was looking for something more than just a tablescaping blog.  Since I have many obsessions, I thought it would be fun to write about other subjects as well. I am looking forward to sharing the things that I love with you.

Diane (on the back right of the photo)