Saturday, March 10, 2012

Forty Shades of Green

“I close  my eyes and picture
The emerald of the sea
From the fishing boats at Dingle
To the shores of Donaghadea

I miss the river Shannon
The folks of Skibbereen
The moorlands and the meadows
And the forty shades of green”

              Attributed to Johnny Cash

Oh, those forty shades of green!  When I visited Ireland in 2000, I was amazed at all of the variations of green in the landscape.  The most amazing part of it was that I was there in November and everything was still green.

Here is a photo of the Dingle peninsula that we took on our trip.  You can see all of the beautiful shades across the hill. I always get nostalgic, when I begin setting my St. Patrick’s Day table.  I have very happy memories of that trip and exploring the western side of the island.

This year, I am using an ecru Vera Bradley tablecloth and matching napkins. Layered over the tablecloth are shamrock placemats from Kohl’s.

The green dinner plate is made by Syracuse and I have no idea what the pattern is.  My daughter found a similar one, but it did not have the scalloped edge.  If anyone recognizes this pattern, please let me know. They were an eBay purchase and I really love them.  

Oh top is a salad plate by the Irish manufacturer, Belleek. Last year, I ordered these plates a very long time, before St. Patrick’s Day.  You can read about the problems that I had on Tablescape Times Three Here, but I will tell you that they did not arrive in time for my St. Pat’s tablescape!

I have always wanted to own Belleek china, especially after studying the history of Lenox china. I discovered that some of the first china that was produced by that company was Lenox Belleek, which was part of the American Belleek china made by several different manufacturers in the late nineteenth century.

The flatware is my grandmother’s Oneida "Jasmine" silverplate.

Also, in silverplate are the tall salt and pepper shakers.  They are antique reproductions made by Towle.

The place setting does not have forty shades of green, but I do love mixing greens for this occasion, as it always reminds me of Ireland.

I cheated a little on the crystal this year.  Instead of using crystal goblets, actually made in Ireland, I am using an old Tiffin pattern that is “Killarney” green.  This color crystal was made with several different stems and this one is #17453.

I did use a Waterford “Lismore” spirits decanter on the table.  Perhaps, some Irish whiskey will be brought to the table to mix up a little after-dinner Irish coffee! Visiting the old Waterford factory was a major highlight of our trip to Ireland. However, the company has very recently moved into a new modern building in Waterford. 

The tall sherbet/champagne glasses are “Longford” made by Galway Crystal in Ireland.

The little shamrock teapot is Bordallo Pinheiro in the “St. Patrick” pattern. This was another major score from Goodwill!

Once again, for the centerpiece, I am using the Irish flag for inspiration. When I taught pre-school, every year on St. Patrick’s Day, we would help the children make Irish flags.  I think about those memories and always like to incorporate some orange into the tablescape.

The guests will receive lucky gold coins on their plates.  I hope it brings all of us the luck of the Irish, in case you were not born there.  Apparently the Irish do not need any help. As this little plate says –




  1. Absolutely gorgeous table! love your green stemware (a goal of mine) and your silver that was your grandmothers. Things passed down are so special. Great little teapot find too!

  2. Very nice... I love those plates and green glasses. A lovely table.

  3. What a perfectly divine tablescape!

    You have done a beautiful job - and I love the way you shared your own personal travel experiences, and how it worked in so well with your pretty table.

    Have a wonderful week and a very Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  4. Your table is lovely, and my eye went right to the “Killarney” green glasses. Beautiful!

  5. A very pretty table, love the fun tea pot:@)

  6. I love Belleek too. It's so delicate. Your stemware is beautiful. Isn't it nice to have things that remind us of special times each time we set eyes on them.

  7. Lovely Irish table...those plates are fabulous!

  8. How beautiful! I love all of it, it looks so elegant. The teapot, oh my, that is a treasure! I will be on the look out for one like that,I have never seen bordallo shamrock!
    Thank so much for this beautiful entry into the crawl! Happy SPD!
    I used to teach my class the jig every year, hysterical!

  9. Hi Diane, I remember all the shades of green in Ireland, too. It is the most beautiful country! I have never seen a teapot like that but it is special. Did you know that when Waterford moved they also sent much of the manufacturing overseas? I think there are still some pieces made there. Linda

  10. Love that dinner plate. Hard to believe it is Syracuse. It looks much finer. Thanks for being a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  11. Hi Diane,

    What a lovely table you've set. You have so many nice pieces! I love that Bordallo Pinheilo shamrock teapot -- what a treasure. Your Waterford pieces are gorgeous; my MIL has the "Lismore" pattern. I also love Belleek china. I have a few small pieces, but no dishes.

    I know what you mean about your Northern Ireland relative. It took me a little while to realize that it's simply not considered part of Ireland.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for your sweet comments. Have a great day!

    Denise at Forest Manor

  12. Thank you so much for stopping by! I love this post. Your table is just exquisite.

    I am so dying to get to Ireland next year. I must have me some Belleeck!

  13. What a beautiful table, Diane! Love the photo of Ireland and your sweet teapot. Thanks for visiting my blog. Happy St Pattys Day

  14. Love, love, love everything about your table! The Towle salt & pepper set is just stunning. We've been in Ireland in the Fall and I don't think there is a time of year when it isn't green everywhere. Thanks so much for stopping by to say hello! Have an awesome week and a truly wonderful St. Pat's Day!

  15. ...and my daughter loves all 40 shades!

  16. Sorry I'm late to arrive, but I've been away from my computer. Diane, your Belleeck china was worth the wait and the trouble. It is gorgeous and so is your tablescape. Happy St. Patrick's Day! ~ Sarah

  17. Great deal on the teapot. Very nice table. I like all your shades of green. Thanks for posting pics of your trip.

  18. Lovely table setting.I would adore going to Ireland-Lucky You!Happy St.Patty's to you :)

  19. Great post. The song lyrics were a great intro. I visited Ireland in 2013 and loved Dingle, too. The teapot is a treasure!

  20. I would love to purchase that gorgeous Bordallo Pinheiro in the “St. Patrick” pattern. Is it for sale?