Saturday, April 28, 2012

Summer is Almost Here!

I live in the South and we usually do not have much of a winter and even less of a spring. I have been enjoying the beautiful spring flowers, but most of them bloomed in February and late March!

I found these reversible placemats that I had bought at Dillard’s a few months ago and thought it would be fun to do a blog with them.  The flowered side reminds me of spring, so I thought I would hurry up and do a spring-like table setting, before the brutal summer arrives.

Since I love to layer, I put down a white tablecloth and put the placemats on top.  Then, I added white chargers from Maryland China.

Next, I used my favorite pink dinner plates from J C Penney with green Bordallo “Cabbage” dinner plates on top. I purchased those at Tuesday Morning.

I needed flatware that did not get lost on the placemats and tried several different patterns.  The Wallace “Sir Christopher” looked the best. 

Since there are salt spoons with that pattern, I used individual crystal salt cellars at each setting.

I, also, used green napkins from Kohl’s and pink flower napkin rings that my oldest granddaughter made for an “Audrey Hepburn” tablescape for Tablescape Times Three. You can see that blog HERE

The goblets that I am using were a real find on the Replacements website.  They were listed under the “Unknown” manufacturer designation, but they look exactly like the Carlo Menotti ones that I have seen elsewhere.  They are the same height as the Menotti goblets and mine have white on the inside of the goblet bowl, like the Menotti ones.  They are either very good imitations or they are the real thing.  Anyway, I only paid $1.99 each for them!!! One of my best bargains, ever.  You cannot believe how pretty they are in person.

Luckily, I had red roses blooming that I could use as the centerpiece.  I placed them in a light green vase, which you really cannot see in this photo.  I guess most of you have realized that I am not a floral designer!  Actually, I like the look of flowers that are not so formal, but arranging flowers is not one of my best talents! 

I wish that spring could last longer around here. After the summer really arrives, the flowers and I all get a little “droopy”, which reminds me that I need to get busy doing a tablescape on the porch, before it gets too hot!  Maybe, a nice cool breakfast one!


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Obsession Number Four - Florida Linen

My husband and I have been spending quite a bit of time in Panama City Beach, Florida in the last year. Although, we grew up visiting this area, there are so many new businesses and restaurants that we have been having a great time exploring the area.

My new and latest obsession is the store "Florida Linen" in Panama City.  Wow, wow and wow! This store has everything you could ever need or want for a beach place or a home anywhere.

For my fellow tablescapers, I will show you the wonderful things that Florida Linen carries for the table. Do you love napkin rings?

If you did not find some that you liked in the last photo, here are just a "few" more!

Perhaps this display is more to your liking...

Shell napkin rings are perfect for a beach place or al fresco dining on the patio.

I just could not resist showing you these last few shiny ones.  Have you ever seen so many choices?  The entire store is like this!

Now, you will need something to go with those gorgeous napkin rings.  They carry lots of placemats.

Here is another display.  There are so many beautiful colors!

They have solid colors, too. I am quite serious about this store - they have everything, except tablecloths.  People who live at the beach do not use those very often.

We cannot set a table without some pretty napkins!  Maybe, you will see some that you like.  They, also, carry those beautiful napkins that I used for my Mardi Gras and Cherry Blossom blogs.  Oh, the fabulous colors of those organza napkins.  I recently bought some orange ones and some silver ones.  I want them in every color!!

 I guess I should move on to other rooms or I will never finish this blog!  Do you need towels?  They have tons of choices in that category , too.

How about some solid colored ones, if you need those for your bathroom?

Now, that you have chosen your towels, you can pick out your bathroom accessories.  These are just a tiny few of the many that they keep in stock.

All right - just a few more.   I love wandering around this place and looking at all of the special pieces!

One last display of towels - the beach towels!  Florida Linen has embroidery services available and you can have any of the linens monogrammed.

Time to start on decorating your bedrooms.  These are some of the basic linens.

Here are a couple of the many rows of displayed bed coverings.

Two of the store displays.  Love both of these!!

Need some pillows for your place?  Here are a few.

Maybe, you would like a few more choices?

 If you cannot find what you want in this store, I do not think you will find it!!

Florida Linen carries so many accessories that I did not try to show them all.  Here is a collage of some that they sell.

They, also, carry many Christmas items, if you enjoy having a beach themed Christmas tree!

Florida Linen is my new favorite store.  It is a family-run business and I have no affiliation with it, except for being a very satisfied customer.  I am sure that some of you bloggers have places in Florida or even live there.  I promise that a trip to Panama City Beach to shop at Florida Linen is well worth the trip.

I want to thank Lyn Retherford for allowing me to take the photographs of her store, so that I could share this blog with you. Their website has all of the information about the store, including their design services. You can view it at

I hope that you will share some of your favorite shopping sites with me.  We all love to find those special places!


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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Obsession Confession, Guest Blog!

I shared with you in an earlier blog that my two youngest grandchildren had decided to decorate tables, when they were spending time with me recently.  I published my granddaughter’s Easter table the day after Easter and, now, it is time to share my grandson’s table.

Carson has one great obsession – Lego building bricks! He came to me, during his visit and said that it was his turn to “do” a table and that he wanted to use the Lego pieces for the theme. He decided to use colors that represented the Lego bricks, so we used all of the colors, except green.

I showed him different choices and he picked out the tableware that he wanted to use.  I truly helped him only with the placemats and answered questions about the placement of the napkins and silverware.  I was not even in the room with him most of the time and thought it was wonderful that he realized that there is a correct way to place these pieces.  I photographed the table just as he decorated it.

Black placemats went down first.  Then, Carson put a red Biltmore “Louisa” dinner plate on the placemat.  Next he added blue, yellow and white smaller plates to the setting.  I think he was constructing the tablescape, just as he builds his Lego creations.

He chose to use a combination of red and white flatware and “Sunflower” Fiesta napkins.

The Spiegelau footed juice glasses that the two youngest grandchildren use all of the time at my house were the last pieces added. They love having their own “goblets” that fit their smaller hands.

Of course, the centerpiece had the starring role on this table!  Carson’s main Lego obsession is the “Star Wars” collection, but for this table, he shared other pieces and figures.

We had knights on horses and unicorns.

Little people rowed to dinner.  

A couple of characters brought their house along.

Batman and Robin made an appearance.

An astronaut joined us, while a shark kept watch.

Carson has been obsessed with Lego bricks, as long as I can remember.  In 2010, my daughter and I took the three grandchildren to England and France.  One of the mandatory stops was Legoland in Windsor, England. Here is a photo of the grandchildren and me spelling out L-E-G-O in London, while waiting on the bus for Windsor.

This is the entrance to Legoland.  Even though it was so hot that day, we had a wonderful time. I am not an amusement park person, but this one was by far the best that I have ever visited.

The year before in 2009, Carson was able to visit the large Lego store in Berlin, Germany with his mother and older sister.  Here he is with a Lego image of former President John F. Kennedy giving his famous 1963 speech in Berlin with the Brandenburg Gate behind him.

I am thrilled that my grandchildren are so creative! They are so much fun to be around and they teach me news ways to look at the world all of the time.

Carson, thank you for sharing your obsession! I love you.