Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bicycle Built for Two?

“But you’d look sweet on the seat
Of a bicycle built for two”
                     " Daisy Bell" by Harry Dacre

Ever since I found these darling napkin rings at Steinmart, that song has been playing over and over in my head.  I had always thought that the name of the song was “A Bicycle Built for Two”, but discovered that I was incorrect and the real name is “Daisy Bell”.  According to David Ewen in “American Popular Songs”, when Harry Dacre came to the United States from England, he brought a bicycle with him. After he had to pay a duty for it, his friend, songwriter William Jerome, commented that it was a good thing that Mr. Dacre had not brought a “bicycle built for two” or he would have had to pay double duty.  Mr. Dacre liked the phrase so much that in 1892, he wrote the song.

I am certainly hoping that posting this blog will help rid my head of the song, although, I do love it.  Of course, now you probably will have the tune on the radio in your head!!

Did you have a bicycle growing up?  Was it red? I am so embarrassed to write that I never had a bicycle of my own.  Being the youngest child in the family, I had a hand-my-down one from my sister.  I have no recollection of the color and I never really rode that often. I spent many more hours skating on old fashioned skates with a key, but that is for another blog!

I bought these place mats some time ago at Dollar Tree and never used them.  I thought the blue, red and white stripes would work well with the napkin rings.

I used white Mikasa Yardley dinner plates and blue salad plates that I found at Big Lots for $2.00 a piece. Even though my grandson recently used my red flatware in his Lego blog, I could not resist using it, again, here.

Fortunately, my red amaryllis lilies cooperated and bloomed at the time I was photographing this table.  I put them in a Hall China water pitcher, which was the perfect color.

I tried several different goblets with this place setting, but nothing looked right.  Exasperated, I finally pulled out our every day drinking glasses and they looked fine with it.  I have had these glasses so long that I really have no idea where I bought them.

Looking out of my breakfast room window and seeing the roses blooming, I could feel myself being pulled outside in this wonderful warm spring weather.  Perhaps I should consider a bicycle ride, but I think I would choose one of the new electric ones that you do not have to pedal!



  1. I love this table! The red, white & blue just speak to me. Those napkin rings are so cute!

    My Mom used to sing that Daisy song to my daughter when she was a baby! I always wondered where she came up with it! lol

    By the way, my childhood bicycle was the exact color blue of your salad plates. It was a gift from my Mom & Dad when I took my First Holy Communion. I loved that bike!

  2. What a cute table and I love those napkin rings!

  3. So cute! Love the napkin rings. xo

  4. Oh hon, your table is just too adorable!! The napkin rings with little bicicles are sooo cute! I love bikes and when I was a kid I had a red one that I loved! Thank you for sharing such fun and happy tablescape and for visiting me again. Lots of hugs,

  5. Hi, Diane. I've seen a lot of napkin rings, but never ones with bicycles! Too cute!! This was a really cute post. You should stop reading the comments; we keep reminding you of the song, so it's probably still playing in your head! LOL Cute, cute table. The pitcher IS the perfect shade of blue. Thanks for commenting on my screened porch post. ~Zuni

  6. How cute is this? Love those darling napkin rings. I had a bike growing up. I remember that it was a Schwin, but can't recall the color. That seems weird to me, but I really don't remember. I rode alot, but remember skating also. Your entire table is so cute. It has been gorgeous weather her and I have been tempted to pull out my bike for a ride. I've torn my Meniscus in my knee so thinking maybe not a good idea yet. I have a linky party, Share Your Cup Thursday. I would love if you would share this. Opens tomorrow at 4 p.m. MST

  7. This is adorable! Those bicycle napkin rings are irresistible! And the striped mats are just right for this table. Love the way you've repeated the colors so perfectly!

  8. So cute, and patriotic too! Love those napkin rings, so different! I remember my dad singing that song when I was little! He would be 100 next month, but he has been gone for 50 years. Still remember the song though! :)
    I didn't get you address yet for your prize, Diane. Maybe I missed it?
    See you later for Let's Dish, up at 7!

  9. Those are the cutest napkin rings ever! Love the red! How did I miss seeing those at Stein Mart? Guess I need to go more often! Have a wonderful weekend and your table is just wonderful! One of my favorites!
    Miss Bloomers

  10. Love love love the napkins rings! We are big bike riders, my sister and I used to ride all over town on our red tandem bike! Your whole table came together nicely, great start to summer.

  11. Diane, thank you for your visit.
    I loved your fish posting and sent it to a friend who has similar dishes... made by the same people. Beautiful!!!
    I'll be back. I'm your newest follower!
    Ladybug Creek

  12. Oh, the napkin rings are too cute. I also thought it was Bicycle Built For Two, that's what I have always sung to myself. Cute tablescape.

  13. Great holiday table, and I love the napkin rings. I really have an obsession with cute napkin rings -- I may have to hop over to stein mart tomorrow!

  14. Those are the cutestt napkin rings! Amaryllis in the spring? You must live in a much warmer climate that me! Those placemats were a great! Love the pop of blue on top! Who knew that was the title of the song!