Sunday, June 10, 2012

Brown and Blue

I wrote in a previous blog that brown is my favorite color. The reason that I love brown so much is because of the way it looks with other colors.  I even like brown and black together! In this post, I am using brown and blue.

As usual, my post has a funny ending.  However, since the “ending” by definition should not be at the beginning, I will save that story for later.

I was shopping in another town at their Big lots, when I found four Oneida “Culinaria” sage blue square plates. I thought the color was interesting, so I purchased them.

Afterwards, I made my way across the street to TJ Maxx. It is hard to believe, but I found beautiful brown, gold and sage blue tablecloths by one of my favorite designers, Raymond Waites.  They had a round tablecloth with an ecru background and an oblong one with a blue background.  Luckily, there were eight remaining napkins that matched the round tablecloth. I loved the paisley designs!

Since I had found only four of the salad plates, I put back the oblong tablecloth and bought the round cloth and all of the napkins.

When I arrived home, I searched the internet and found that Onieda had the same plates on sale on their website.  Hooray! I ordered four more salad plates and, also, ordered four round brown “Culinaria” dinner plates.

But then, I realized that I had a problem.  I had eight napkins and I would have eight salad plates, when they arrived - oh, no!!  I had left the long tablecloth behind at TJ Maxx! The next time I visited the same TJ Maxx, I went in with a heavy heart thinking there would be no way that they tablecloth would still be there.  My lucky day!!!  Not only was it there, but it had been marked down five more dollars!!!

I am on a roll now, I thought.  I remembered some glasses that I had seen with dark brown wicker  sleeves on them.  I found six large ones at TJ Maxx, but they had natural color wicker sleeves.  Being inspired by the other, more creative bloggers, I decided that I could stain the wicker a darker color.  Yipee!  I bought all six.

When I arrived home, I realized that my definition of “large” was a little off - these glasses were enormous!  Each one was almost like a vase and I did not realize it in the store, because they were not sitting next to any other tableware.  Back they went to the store.

Fortunately, a few days later, One Kings Lane was selling the very glasses that I had seen originally!  I ordered them quickly and I was almost set.

None of my napkin rings looked exactly right, so I ordered the wooden beaded ones from Kohl’s.  They were on sale, of course. This is my lucky blog, right?

By the way, at this point I had decided that I loved my JC Penny “Pearl” dinner plates with the setting.  They are dark yellow and really help to bring out the gold color in the tablecloth. Also, at this point, my Oneida plates had not arrived - wonder why? Everything else that I had ordered was already here!

A few days later, my daughter called and asked me to look at Marshall’s for some china she was buying, so I went there and they did have a  few pieces.  Never missing an opportunity to look around, I found this great jar that exactly matched my Global Amici glasses.  In fact, it was a Global Amici jar! Ah, I must be living right - trying to help out someone else and finding something perfect for me (lol!)! For the tablescape, I decided to use gardenias and greenery in jar for my centerpiece.

I was so excited about the table setting that I went ahead and put everything on my dining room table that I had bought.  I love to layer my linens, so I added ecru placemats that I have had forever and brown bamboo flatware that I had bought previously at Steinmart. Rattan chargers were added for even more texture.

For days and days, the table stayed that way without the last two Onieda plates that I needed for a six person table. I could not do a table for eight, because I had only six glasses. Suddenly, I received an e-mail from Paypal (not Oneida, if you can believe it!) stating that Oneida had refunded some money to my account, but not the full amount of my purchase.

Panic took over - which set of plates didn’t they have in stock???  What could I do, if the last four salad plates did not arrive?

About a week later, the package from Oneida finally made it to my door.  A sinking feeling came over me, as I  brought it inside.  I almost did not want to cut open the tape, but I did.  I peered into the box and still could not tell what color the plates were inside, because of all of the wrapping materials.  As I dug into the wrapping, I finally spied a corner of BLUE, not brown.  The salad plates were inside and not the brown dinner plates.  I am living right, I cried out! Aha, fortunate readers, you stuck with me, until the happy ending!

Well, that is my story about this tablescape.  I do love it and might not take it down for a while.  After all, it does match my brown and yellow dining room with the Modern Masters metallic paint on the walls, but that, my friends, is a story for another blog!


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  1. That is such a pretty table! I love the colors together & that tablecloth is great. I can't believe your luck & how all of this fell together just right! It isn't often that that kind of stuff happens. :D

  2. I also love blue and brown and used those color along with green last week. I would have kept it on the table longer but it's soooo the wrong colors for my dining room! You sure had the tablescaping adventure. Isn't that the fun of it? I have those napkins too and they are so pretty. Such a soft blue. The glasses and centerpiece look perfect with the rattan chargers too.

    Robin Flies South

  3. The colors are great together and it is wonderful how you found the things you needed. The wicker glasses are really very nice, especially with the chargers. xo

  4. I am crazy about your table setting too. You sound just like me, buying something, then scurrying around trying to find just the right things to coordinate. My husband is a deer hunter and he always compares my dish hunting to his deer hunting; "it's all about getting ready and THE HUNT!". I don't tell him, but I think he's right. Dianne

  5. Pheww, you had me holding my breath to the very end - so glad it had a happy ending and your table looks gorgeous!

  6. So wonderful to have a happy ending! I love your pretty tablescape. Blue and brown are so pretty together and I love all the wicker you have implemented!

    Have a wonderful night!
    Aledia @ Plum Perfect

  7. I love that color combination too, Diane. Brown is just so versatile. It can be mixed with any color. Thanks for stopping by. We had a really fun reunion. The down side is that it is depressing that they are all gone now cause it is all of a sudden so quiet here....Christine

  8. I love the way it all came together! You did a beautiful job. You must be living right to go back to get something you saw and you know will work and have it still be there!
    How fun when it all works out.

  9. Lovely table. It has inspired me to mix my Fiesta periwinkle and chocolate!

  10. Lovely dining room. Love the brown and blue and the tablecloth is so pretty. Using the wicker accessories is perfect. Such a lovely addition to the setting. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, marty

  11. Always love the mix! Thanks so much for being a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  12. Wow! A story with such a happy ending. Yes... you ARE living right.
    Thanks for your visit. I hope you come back
    for another visit and follow my progress.
    Ladybug Creek

  13. You are indeed lucky! I love blue and brown together, too.
    Those napkins are just fabulous! Love the glass holders too!
    Thanks so much for linking to Let's Dish and for putting your blog name first, LOL! :)

  14. LOVED Your Post and I too LOVE brown. As I sit here sipping my coffee from my "BROWN CUP" I am nodding my head for you love of brown. Anything the color of chocolate HAS TO BE ADMIRED... What a GORGEOUS tablecloth! I would LOVE to have a small one like that OR even napkins. Each detail is stunning.
    Thank you for sharing, NOW I must find something PAISLEY! in those colors!

  15. I'm a brown lover too~ with blue, green, pink! What great finds~ your tablecloth is stunning! I have some of those same enormous glasses with the rattan sleeves :)

  16. Wow...a tablescape odyssey! It turned out beautifully, and I can't believe that you found all the perfect elements at so many different times in so many different places. Serendipity at its best. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  17. I love this table.. first off the story behind it fabulous. And your tablecloth was meant to be on that table. It's the best backdrop for the great Oneida dishes! Everything turned out so wonderful. Love it all have a great week.. xo marlis

  18. Beautiful table. I love blue and browns together. You are a very savvy shopper! I need to take a few lessons from you!

  19. I love brown too. In fact the rims of our wedding china are chocolate brown. This is a pretty table and I love that it had a happy ending.

  20. Laughing about "I'm living right!"
    I love how this table came together, which is what it literally did, one item at a time. I'm a huge fan of brown and blue. Actually, I'm a big brown fan too. I wasn't, until a few years ago when "they" started pairing it with blues and pinks. Now, I'm all about it.

    This table really is lovely, and I keep my tables set even after I use one until I set the next one. I love a set table.

  21. Loved the story of how your table came about...the linens are beautiful, nice soft colors.

  22. Gorgeous tablescape! I so love this combo of colors, brown with the sage blue plates, beautiful tone of linens.. totally lovely. The chargers are great too. Thank you for sharing and for your lovely and kind visit.

  23. Loved your tale of the tablescape that almost didn't happen! I guess this lovely table was meant to be! I am right there with you loving brown! Your walls are wonderful (my bedroom is the same color brown), and I really like your chair backs!

  24. You are such a sweetheart....thank you for your wonderful comments! And I LOVE your tablescape (brown is one of my favorite colors, too) and I LOVE all of the adventures with this tablescape. I am so glad that all the pieces came together....and, yes, you must be living right!!!! :)