Saturday, January 5, 2013

Wishing for Winter

As I am writing this blog it is fifty-one degrees in my city and the children of my next door neighbors are playing basketball outside.  I have lived in Georgia my whole life and I hate hot weather.  If it is fifty-one degrees on January 5th, can you imagine how warm it gets in July???

Every year, I long for cold weather and, perhaps, snow.  We do get snow occasionally, but the last big snow that I can remember was almost 20 years ago. Here is a picture of the snow we had in 2009.  Isn’t this the most beautiful sight?  I love looking out of my window and seeing this covering of white. I know that those of you who live in cold weather states or countries probably think that I am crazy.  However, I love winter clothes and definitely do not love summer ones.  I have never been a flip-flop type of girl!  Wool sweaters and boots are more my style. I have a closet full of those, which I almost never wear and I cannot even remember the last time I wore my warmest winter coat. I have always longed to live in a place where it is necessary to wear at least a sweater all of the time. However, since my husband loves hot weather, I guess I will never know what cold weather living is like.

I started thinking that I might feel better, if I created my own icy tablescape and put myself in the wintery tableau.

I ordered a silver crinkle tablecloth from Efavormart (only 11.99!!) and placed it on my table.


Faux silver leaf chargers with Lenox “Federal Platinum” dinner plates went on the tablecloth.

I used Tiffin “Argenta” ice (!) beverage glasses and Schott-Zwiesal “Delilah” wine goblets. I set the “Argenta” glasses on silverplate coasters for a little extra sparkle.

Wallace “Sir Christopher” sterling flatware had the icy look that I wanted.

I put two colors of organza napkins together – silver and white and added a Raz napkin ring with pearls and silver glitter leaves. All of the napkins were purchased at Florida Linens in Panama City, Florida.

I created my own snow by placing large rhinestone snowflakes around the table.

For the centerpiece, I started by placing a rectangle mirror from Michael's in the middle of the table.  I placed a mercury glass vase with a handle on the mirror.

I put a branch from my yard in the vase and decorated it with crystal stands – oh now, it is beginning to look like an icy wonderland!

Two snowy votives were added to the mirror, along with more rhinestone snowflakes.

Mercury glass urns from One King’s Lane were added to the table to hold pillar candles.

I am very pleased with the end result of this tablescape.  I plan to save these photos and dream about cold, cold weather, when the temperature is 100 degrees or above this summer! I hope that the rest of you are living in the climate that suits you best and Happy New Year to all!









  1. beautiful!! I surely hope we get some snow this year. I feel a lot like you do about cold weather and wearing sweaters...I love your table and it most definitely reminds me of snow...
    wishing for snow,

  2. Beautiful all your silver and glitter! Living in NC I know what you mean about "hot" weather. I just wish it didn't get so humid. Don't mind the cold as long as I can be inside, bundled up with a warm coffee :)
    Thanks sooo much for visiting me!
    Hope you have a GREAT weekend!

  3. Oh so beautiful. So full of crystal and iciness!Love those napkins and napkin rings.

    Wonderful to have you be a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  4. Your snowy tablescape is so pretty. Love the napkins, rings and your beautiful flatware.
    I've lived most of my life in Georgia, too, but after living in Montana for eight years, I don't miss the snow all that much. :)

  5. Oh, I miss snow too! Around here the weather is like spring all year round and I wish for snow this time of year too..but it never is going to happen! It snows in the Andean mountains, but they're so tall, therefore, I will vener see it, lol. When my daughters were small we went three times to NYC my home town, at my parent's house to spend C'mas and we had snow and all..but never again! Thank you for the images and for the sweet and kind comments sweet lady.

  6. Love the crystals and mercury glass. We had a little snow last year, but none so far this year. Thanks for the comments on my blog and the info about the dishes. I was unaware that Mikasa actually sold china from Japan. I have looked at pictures of the Cherry Blossom pattern and would love to see a table with yours. Dianne

  7. Hello!!
    I LOVE your winter tablescape!! Beautiful!!

    Living in Pa., I do love the winters. i am not a warm weather lover and I suffer from Sun Sensitivity because of medications. I too love winter clothes over summer clothes. I do love snow but i am getting tired of having to drive in it to go to work because hospitals are open 24/7!! I do long for the days when i can enjoy it and be able to stay home!! LOL!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment!! I have signed up to Follow you!!


  8. I love snow for the holidays but after that a pain. Here in Michigan we are having our second mild winter in a row, so much for my weather report.

    Now about your lovely table, your settings are beautiful and the added sparkle is perfect for this time of year. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Oh, am I ever glad you visited my Three Kings post and commented, Diane, because it brought me to your beautiful, beautiful table. Living in Ohio, I yearn for warm weather ALWAYS :), and grumble about having to battle even the slightest cool breeze but I DO love an icy table, and yours is about as perfect as it gets. Every detail is just perfect. The fact that you have all the elements to create a table like this speaks to your desire for cold weather. I immediately noticed your tablecloth...I think I might "need" one of those :), and your double napkins add such an ethereal feel to the table. I could go on an on--the silver, the goblets, the china...BEAUTIFUL!!
    Thanks for stopping by and your sweet comments, Diane. I liked your table so much I checked to make sure I was following you, and I am!

    PS - I agree with you that there's nothing like a good snowfall--at first. :)

  10. Such a pretty "cold" table!! I especially like the way you did the napkins and the napkin rings. I am partial to winter and am in the midst of a "heavy snowfall warning" going on right now (in BC, Canada) and have just come in from shovelling! As snow provides for downhill skiing which we enjoy, we would be devastated if we didn't get any! I can't imagine living somewhere where there aren't definite seasons and I feel for you! I certainly hope your beautiful t'scape helped cool you down!


  11. Oh yes, I agree the napkins and napkin rings are perfect. Love the votive and the rhinestone snowflake on the mirror. Your winter tablescape is beautiful even if you don't get snow.

  12. Your tablescape is beautiful. All of the sparkle and shine do just shout winter, and the branch with the beaded garland is perfect. Love those napkins and napkin rings. laurie

  13. Beautiful your sterling, such a pretty pattern.
    If you lived in a cold weather area you would tire of bundling up every time you went outside, but most of all you would hate the ice that goes with it!

  14. This is sooo wintry.. i love it! I too HATE hot weather, so I live in Texas. At least no humidity here. So I try hard to make it "winter" in my house. Although tonight the windchill is 27, it's wet and the fire is going! Love your danglers on the branch. The napkins look just like a snowdrift encased in those lovely napkin rings.. Fabulous.. xo marlis

  15. Beautiful winter table. We don't get much snow here in TX, but that's OK with me. I do like it, but the beauty is short lived compared to the mess it makes. ;-)
    We have Sir Christopher too. It's fun to see it on other table settings.

  16. So beautiful and icy, Diane! We don't get snow here either except in 2009, just like you, but I don't like the cold so I will just enjoy it in pics. We lived in ILL where we had plenty......Christine

  17. So beautiful, and icy! We get snow, sometimes so much I hate it! A light dusting is ok, but it makes life difficult for so many. I had a sister in a wheelchair her whole life, and once the snows came, she was housebound.
    Thanks so much for joining Let's Dish with your lovely wintery table!

  18. What a charming icy table!! It's all lovely, but I mostly adore your sterling! I hope it gives you the chill you love! I live in the foot hills of the Adirondack Mts. in NYS, and I love winter and HATE summer and hot weather. People think I'm nuts but you don't need "cozy" when it's 90 degrees with 90% humidity! Hope you have reason to get your sweaters out soon!

  19. Your icy table is so beautiful. I love the bran with crystals over it, and the organza napkins and the napkin rings are so beautiful. We are below zero right now. It has been a cold and snowy year. I do love the snow when I can be outside and just watch it fall down, but driving in it is real hazardous. Hope it turns a bit cold for you. Joni

  20. I found some great inspiration here this week. Beautiful tablescape. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay