Saturday, February 23, 2013

What Was I Thinking??

Oh, the things we do as tablescapers, when we are on a short timeline! Recently, I purchased some new chocolate Fiesta luncheon plates for our Florida place at a great price at Dillard's. I have never owned any Fiesta, before we furnished the condo, and had no idea how small the salad plates were. We like to eat breakfast and sometimes lunch on salad plates and the ones that came with the place settings were way too small!

Anyway, we were headed to Florida in a few days, so I decided to shoot a post using the luncheon plates, before they moved to their new home. I had already done a brown and blue blog, so I started to look around for other ideas.

I spied my Royal Doulton "Samarra" plates and realized that they had enough brown in them to work.  Whoohoo! I would do a green and brown tablescape. This is where being in a hurry usually clouds the brain and it certainly did mine on that day!

Green and brown - why didn't my brain scream out warning signals?? What was I thinking??? To help you  understand this situation, I must leave tablescaping for a moment and write about travels.

In 2007, my husband and I made a trip to California.  We had been there on other occasions, but we had never traveled to the wine country nor Yosemite National Park. We had a wonderful time, but I remember complaining the whole time that we were in Yosemite that everything looked just "brown and green".  Actually, there was gray, too, but all I saw was "brown and green". Maybe, the park is prettier at other times (we were there in early June), but I was used to parks like Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons, where the variety of colors is much greater!

The very next year, we took a trip to France and spent most of our time in Provence.  We went in the fall and guess what?  Everything in the countryside was brown and green!  I remember commenting that this landscape reminded me of Yosemite, because of the colors.  Now, I loved the cities in Provence and I understand that the countryside is not to be believed, when the sunflowers are blooming. However, I was not impressed with the landscape in the fall. Normally, I am not a complainer, when I travel - I love to travel and usually only see the good in the places, where I land. There was just something I did not like about all of this brown and green, which brings us back to, "What Was I Thinking"?

Well, I was thinking that I wanted to get this post done quickly, due to the time constraint. I hurriedly pulled out new placemats from Dillard's (also, on sale), bamboo flatware from Steinmart, Raymond Waits napkins, wooden beaded napkin rings from Kohl's and Fostoria "Mesa" glassware. 

The green tablecloth is Ralph Lauren "Waitsfield" and the centerpiece is a peace lily that usually resides in my family room.

I have had these brown candlesticks so long that I have no idea where I bought them.  I do love all of the different textures on them.

I finished the table, shot the photos and immediately repacked the luncheon plates in bubble wrap for their trip to Florida.

After we returned from the trip, I started really looking at the table and suddenly realized the error of my ways. Brown and green - oh, no!  The table looked so boring and there was nothing to be done!  The Fiesta plates were five hours away (did I mention the chocolate color has been discontinued??). I could not re-shoot the table (sigh). What to do?  I finally decided that I would not post this week and start over next week. After mulling over that solution, I thought my mistake might be fun for you other bloggers to enjoy!  I guess most of us are guilty of doing things quickly and not really planning well enough.  The place settings on my table are O.K, but the overall table is blah, blah!! I could not add anything, since I had no plates, so I am trying to tell a cautionary tale for the rest of you - lol!!

I certainly hope your tables are more interesting than mine this week.  I am looking forward to seeing your pretty ones!


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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Newest Obsession - Chanticleer

Did you ever walk into a store and immediately know that it was a place for you and the merchandise started calling out your name the minute you opened the door?  This happened to me the first week-end in February, when my husband and I made a road trip to the town of Pine Mountain, Georgia.


Many of you might recognize the name of the town, since it is very close to Callaway  Gardens, which is a wonderful vacation destination.  They have everything you can imagine - golf, water activites, a circus, etc.  You can read all about it HERE .  When I was very young, I lived fairly close to Pine Mountain and Callaway Gardens, where I took my first swimming lessons.  However, Pine Mountain was called Chipley then and it is where I had to travel to visit the dentist - ouch! Now, it is a darling town with great shops and restaurants.

A nice side trip from Pine Mountain and Callaway Gardens is to Warm Springs, Georgia.  It is the home of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's "Little White House".  President Roosevelt chose Warm Springs, because of the physical therapy that he received there for his polio. The two photos above are from a visit that my oldest granddaughter and I made three years ago.

But I do digress!!  This blog is supposed to be about my latest obsession, which is the fabulous shop, Chanticleer, that I discovered on my recent trip to Pine Mountain!

This is the way that the shop looks on the outside - charming, indeed.  However, it is the inside that really captured my attention.  The owner, Barbara Hale, allowed me to take photos, so that I could share with you.
Here are some of them...

This was probably my favorite shelf - just look at all of the brown (my favorite color, of course!).  Even my husband was taken by the tortoise shell glass. Oh, I will return for some of those pieces!

Apparently, Barbara's shop is known for its rugs and pillows.  The pillows are fabulous!  Most are hand-hooked wool with so many different themes.  Something for everyone.

These are the ones that need to move into my Florida condo - lol!! Do you see the French Quimper on the shelf above?  Oh, such happy colors!

Do you need some Bunnies for Easter? Barbara can help you with that purchase, too. My big purchase was from this area of the store, but you will have to wait for my Easter blog to see it (just a little tease here, readers!).

Other impressive products that Barbara carries are her Murano glass pieces. You were able to see some of these in the first photo with the tortoise shell glass pieces. The one in the photo above was my very favorite!

Another special piece was this brown fish - loved this one, too, and he would fit nicely into the decor of the beach condo.  I can see that I need to make a trip here, again, very soon.

The store carries pottery

And candles - Colonial Candles, of course.

Barbara sells so many different things that it is hard to know where to look!  Every thing is displayed beautifully...

Look  at this display for Winter Spice Teas - wow!

The store carries Karen Adams designs.  Here are a couple of the paper weights.

Art is everywhere in the store...

But I saved the best, until last - that proud and fierce rooster who dominates the barnyard and for whom the shop is named:

You will find roosters all over the store.  I had fun looking for them in all of the nooks and crannies.

This will be the longest blog in history, if I do not stop here.  However, there is so much more to see that you must visit yourself - this shop will become your newest obsession, too!  Many thanks to Barbara Hale for allowing me to share her fabulous store with you.  It is truly one not to be missed!


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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Valentine's Birthday

Love is like a Cabbage

My love is like a cabbage
Divided into two
The leaves I give to others
The heart I give to you

Author Unknown

February is a big month for our family.  We have the opportunity to celebrate many birthdays.  My sister-in-law, my mother-in-law and my youngest granddaughter all have birthdays in February.  However, the most important is my husband's birthday, which falls on Valentine's Day.

I usually set a table for eight, so that our immediate family can help my husband celebrate.  Red is the color for the day - pink, except for a tiny bit in the flower arrangement, is not allowed!

This year, I began with my old favorite Ralph Lauren "Peyton" tablecloth. Then, I added a red beaded charger from the Dollar Store.

Next comes a Lenox "Opal Innocence Carved" dinner plate. I find that I want to use these plates every year for Valentine's Day.  I love those romantic swirls on the edges! On top of the Lenox plate is actually a peppermint pattern salad plate from Bon-Ton, which is really supposed to be used at Christmas.  However, I just could not resist the red and white colors!

The last little plate on top was a Cracker Barrel find a couple of years ago. The little dots are so sweet and I guess we see a little more pink - hard to avoid, I guess.  Maybe, my husband will not notice - lol!!

For the glasses, I used an Artland "Iris" iced tea beverage and a "Red Swirl" goblet from Pier I.

The red napkins are ones that I have owned for many years, but I added a white doily and a tiny red ribbon to continue the red and white theme.  The pretty flatware is an old silverplate pattern, "Jasmine", which belonged to my grandmother.

For the centerpiece, I grouped a tall red vase full of mixed flowers, a red glass compote with yummy Dove chocolates inside and an adorable cherub, which holds a tea light in the evenings.  There is a really funny story that goes along with this cherub.  When my oldest granddaughter did her Valentine tablescape for  Tablescape Times Three, she used this cherub with a red votive candle inside.  By the time she had finished photographing the blog, the candle had started to drip and red candle wax was "bleeding" through the holds of the basket the cherub holds.  You can see that blog Here.

I cannot decided, if I want to serve the meal during the day, when the sunlight shines on all of the glass or...

in the evening, when the candles cast a glow on the table. It certainly looks more romantic this way and isn't that what Valentine's Day is all about?

I am a pretty sentimental girl and this is certainly a day to get sentimental.  I have a husband who deserves to be treated like royalty twice as much on this special day. I always want him to know how much I love and appreciate him, so I hope that he likes the table setting, despite the little touches of pink.  No cabbage leaves for him - only the heart!!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!!


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