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Here's Johnny!!

I guess it is really tacky to write about another man on my husband's and my anniversary (a fairly big one!), but stick with me - this post is really all about my husband.  Back to my original thought - yep, that is Johnny Mathis in the picture taken by me!!! I had the pleasure of attending a concert on my anniversary week-end in Jacksonville, Florida. I was on the second row in the orchestra pit and the concert was close-up and personal! Oh, and to Alycia Nichols - yes, he sang your song and I said your name twice - lol!!

I will get back to the trip in a minute, but first I want to explain how important Johnny is to my anniversary. When my husband and I were high school sweethearts (see the above photo - cannot believe I am showing this!), our song was "Misty" sung by Johnny. When we were not listening to the Beatles or some other groups, we were courting on my living room sofa listening to my hi-fi (remember those!) and the vinyl record that we listened to the most was an album by Johnny Mathis.  We decided early in our dating years that "Misty" was going to be "the" song for us. How could we not fall in love listening to that music - what a voice and the songs he sang were just too romantic!

Fast forward a few years later and here we are at our wedding. Oh, we were so young and ready to begin our married life without any idea about what that really meant!! Five years later, our daughter was born and seven years, after that, our son was born. "Misty" remained our song and the funniest rendition we ever heard was at Disney World, when our daughter was three.  We were dining in a restaurant and there was  musician walking around the dining room playing an accordion.  He asked for requests and, of course, we requested "Misty".  That song on an accordion played like a polka kept us laughing the whole time. I only wish that I had a recording of it!

In 2007, my husband and I went to Atlanta to see Johnny at the fabulous Fox Theatre, but I had a different camera and this was the best photo that I shot.  Despite the lack of good photos, the evening was wonderful and we promised that when Johnny returned to Atlanta, we were attend another concert.  However, he never returned!

Now, this is the time, when I am ready to discuss my dear, sweet husband! When he realized that we had a big anniversary year coming up, he went on the Johnny Mathis website and found that a concert was planned in Jacksonville the very week-end of our anniversary.  Oh what a wonderful surprise for me!! 

We headed to Jacksonville on a very overcast day.  We had planned to have a vacation of several days, but the weather did not cooperate and we cancelled part of the trip, due to the bad weather that was predicted.   However, the weather held off for us, while we were there, but we made a very good decision to leave early the day following the concert.

Have you ever been to Jacksonville?  I had traveled through the city on several occasions, but had never stopped to enjoy it.  The city sits on the banks of the St. Johns River and is the largest city in the contiguous United States by area. In case you did not notice, I became obsessed fell in love with this beautiful blue bridge. All of the downtown area is quite modern and seems to be well kept.


The venue of the concert was the Times-Union Center for the Performing Arts.  It is a beautiful building that opened in 1997. It has three performance facilities, but our concert was held in the Moran Theater which has approximately 3000 seats.

Here is a shot of the balcony

and here is one of the stage, before the performance started.

The best part of the trip (other than seeing Johnny, of course!) was that our hotel was directly across the street from the Times-Union center!! My husband is a terrific planner.

A fun place to visit downtown is The Jacksonville Landing, which is a shopping and restaurant area on the river. It was very conveniently located only a block from our hotel. I am pretty sure that all of my University of Georgia fan friends have visited there many times.  The annual University of Georgia vs. University of Florida football game is held in Jacksonville every year.

This is a view of the Landing from the river side.  We a very late lunch at the American Grill and the food was outstanding.

While we were at the Landing, I spied the perfect anniversary gift, but it did not make it home with us - lol! How would you to own a boat like that one??

Finally, it was time to return to the hotel and get ready for the big evening.  This is the first thing that greeted us in the lobby of the concert hall:

I can tell you that I was getting pretty excited by then and I still had no idea where we were sitting.  I forgot to take of photo of our seats, but only three people were between Johnny and us.  I felt like he was singing directly to us for at least half of the show!!  It is incredible how he has managed to protect and keep his  voice all of these years. He has to make some concessions to an older voice, but he still sounds like he did, when I was a teen-ager.  What a gift he has. Needless to say, when he sang "Misty", I was quite emotional!!

Well, I had better get busy and tell my  husband how much I love him and appreciate all of the thoughtful and generous things that he does for me.  It has been a wild ride all of the years that we have been together and I can truly say that I have never been bored.  Happy Anniversary, Darling - I am looking forward to the next 45 years!!

I love you,


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  1. Happy Anniversary! You sure did have a very special celebration! A very sweet story :)

    So nice stopping by to visit with you and enjoy a bit of your anniversary memories.

    Kindly, Lorraine

  2. Happy Anniversary and many more years of happiness!! Your story is so lovely and romantic. I also love Johnny Mathis and it's so special you got to just see him again, his soft and romantic music. I'm surprised at how well he looks. Enjoy your evening too.

  3. Happy Anniversary!

    Great to have you at Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  4. Oh my gosh I love Johnny Mathis and I loved your story, so touching..and who would not cry when he sings misty..always thought he should have been bigger then he became, his voice was better then most at the time...he is so beautiful too...

  5. First....HIGH FIVE, and THANK YOU!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!!!!!!! OH, Diane...I am SO glad you guys had a good time. And sitting so close to Johnny! WOW!!! This has to go down in history as one of the best anniversaries ever for you, right? I! Your husband planned this to a T!!! I have seen Johnny recently - over the Christmas holidays - on a couple of Old Navy TV ads. He was very funny and charming. I noticed then that his voice is still quite strong.

    Congratulations to you and your husband for all these years of loving one another with a bit of Misty in your hearts!

  6. Oh, how sweet Leon is! I just love the pictures of you two kids. We were all kids then, weren't we? That wedding weekend was so beautiful. And your anniversary celebration was a wonderful one. What fun! I also love Johnny Mathis. Thanks for sharing.

  7. We are just about the same age I'm sure--we've been married 48 years this July, Your wedding photo is so precious. What a man you have to plan the whole trip. We also really enjoy listening to Johnny, however have never been able to see him in person. Jacksonville looks like a beautiful city to visit. Thanks so much for your visit. New follower here.

  8. I think you have a very thoughtful and sweet husband to plan and surprise you with this trip. It sounds really special and I can read the excitement as your were writing about it. I’ve been through Jacksonville, staying nearby at the beach. It is indeed a beautiful city. I love Johny Mathis, his voice is dreamy. Sweet photos of you in HS and your wedding photo is precious. Thanks for sharing your evening. Happy Anniversary!

    The French Hutch

  9. I love your story Diane....and that picture of you and Leon at the American legion!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! took me right back in time.....we do share the past..
    So wonderful to hear about 2 people that have been living in love for all these years..
    Happy Anniversary....

  10. What a wonderful post!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by and wishing you a very happy Easter too!!


  11. Oh my goodness...I got excited, just reading this post. Sooo great that you were that close to him and heard him singing your favorite love song in the whole wide world. What a sweetie hubby....I wish you another 45 years, too.:)
    xo, bj

  12. What a perfect anniversary! Both you and your husband are very blessed....happy anniversary my friend. Enjoyed this post very much. Diane

  13. What a fun story! Happy Anniversary! I also love the song "Misty!" Love listening to all those oldies from our youth. Thank you for visiting my blog and your comment about my first tablescape! I'm your newest follower!

  14. Wow, I did't know Johnny Mathis was still performing. My favorite of his is "Chances Are' and I can hear it in my head now. Happy Anniversary!

  15. Hi lovely lady.
    Wishing you and yours a Happy Anniversary and many more years of happiness!! I love your story is so lovely and romantic. I remember seeing him a long time ago I love Johnny Mathis and it's so special you got to just see him again, his soft music is so romantic !! I need to play some of this music tonight with my hubby at dinner with a glass of wine. Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my new Easter Tablescape, hoping you have a wonderful Easter with your family.
    XXOO Diane

  16. Happy Anniversary, glad you saw Johnny and it was on my birthday. What a special memory! Yes, I have been to Jacksonville and it is beautiful.

  17. I wish you a belated Happy Anniversary! Sounds like a wonderful evening. I so remember "Misty" by Johnny Mathis and his voice. Such a beautiful voice! I could be jealous, but I won't! :)
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  18. Awww Happy Anniversary to your two sweethearts! That was a sweet post, dear Diane! How great that you got to see him for your special anniversary. I saw Johhny years ago in Columbus, Ohio. For my hubby and I, our song is one by the Beach Boys beacause it was the first one we danced to as high school freshmen! xo

  19. OK...I thought your high school picture was so cute, and your wedding picture so tender--the way you're looking at each other is precious--but it was toward the end, when love of 45+ years was "talking," that I got misty-eyed (sorry, couldn't resist :) ). What a beautiful love story you've written over the years and have described. Happy anniversary, Diane, and may you have the next 45. ~Zuni
    PS - Thanks for your sweet comments about my Bunnyville.

  20. A very Happy Anniversary! Nobody has a voice like Johnny.

    I remember J/ville a long time ago -- I think it has grown up!

  21. Hi Sweet D!

    Happy Anniversary too. What a cutie you were LoL* and Beautiful now. Isn't it amazing of having the nostalgic moment of our LOL? Love of life?

    Hope you had a great time and I can't wait for more shots. I am so excited too? Hmmmm... isn't it coinciding that we both posting our sweet days?

    Enjoy and Happy Easter if ever I won't see you in the w/end .

    /CC girl

  22. That was a sweet life story to share with us. The wedding picture is so cute. You look very young. May I ask how old you were when you got married?

  23. Awww, what a great story! Happy Anniversary to you & your husband!

  24. Diane, A belated Happy Anniversary to you and your husband. What a sweet and thoughtful husband he is. This looks like such a wonderful trip. I love the pictures of the 2 of you in high school and your wedding. Sooo sweet! laurie

  25. Happy Anniversary to you! I loved your story on your weekend. I have a girlfriend who got married that weekend and had to cut their honeymoon off early too from there. What a coincidence! I see you love to do do I! Nice to meet you new friend.

  26. That is a coincidence! Thanks for visiting and leaving the sweet comment!

  27. You were married 9 months before Sweet Mister and me. We grew up at such a magical time in history. I still have Johnny Mathis on my iPod, and I play him all the time. What a marvelous way to celebrate your anniversary! Thanks for taking us along. Cherry Kay

  28. What a sweet and lovely love story and what a gorgeous couple. Your wedding picture is precious. Congratulations to you both.

  29. Happy anniversary, Diane! You look so cute together on your wedding day and in the olden days. Precious photos! I would have loved to watch Johnny Mathis too. He still looks pretty good. What a sweet hubby you have. Post your FL home too. I would love to see how you decorated it....Christine

  30. That is one amazing story Diane!
    Happy Anniversary...what a cool gift, thoughtful hubby.
    Love your wedding pic, wonderful!
    Happy Easter,