Monday, April 8, 2013

Ode to the Masters - A Reprise


Living in Georgia certainly has its ups and downs. The summers are brutal with the heat and humidity. Oh, but the spring! It is too glorious in Georgia right now and the best place to be is in Augusta during Masters week.

Many of you may be golf widows, so I am sure that you have heard of the Augusta National golf course and the famous Masters golf tournament. Tickets to the tournament are the “Holy Grail” of golf and many Georgia residents never get to go. My family has been very fortunate to have been on many occasions, because my husband has a co-worker and friend who sometimes is able to get tickets for us to attend. Thanks, Keith!!

Did you know that the land where the golf course is now was once a plant nursery? That explains why the course is so beautiful and the holes are named for different plants and trees.

My husband is a golfer and, when we attend, we always bring home many souvenir items for us and our family.

Here are some of our caps and visors.

These are only a small number of my husband's Masters' shirts.

I have some, too.

I, also, have charms (one silver and one gold) for my charm bracelets…

And a wonderful Christmas tree ornament.

We have a collection of Masters plastic drinking cups. Some have “walked away” during the years!

The absolute highlight of my husband’s golfing life came, when he was able to play at Augusta National. A friend in Augusta arranged for my husband to play a round of golf there a few years ago and I think he is still on cloud “nine” (or, maybe, 18!).

When I first published this post, it was 2011 on the Tablescape Times Three blog (see it HERE) that I did with my daughter and oldest granddaughter. I included a breakfast table that I had prepared for my husband and it looked like this:

We did not go to the Masters in 2012 - there was so much happening in our lives, we just could not fit it into our schedule.  This year, we hope to attend and I have changed the table setting a little.

This year I changed the coffee cup to one of the ones that we bought at the Masters in 2011 and we have a real glass bought the same year, instead of the plastic one. All of the winners of the Masters are listed on the back. I still used the yellow tablecloth, but added the matching yellow napkin.  I cannot resist using the bag tag, as a napkin ring and the golf bag towel, as a placemat.  I added Oneida "Cantata" flatware and an older Masters coffee cup, as a little vase for the absolutely necessary azaleas! The big change is the Shenango Masters plate.  I found this gem on eBay a couple of years ago and I have seen only one other like it, ever (it was more, than I was willing to pay). 

According to sources that I have read, the mark on the back indicates that it was produced in 1943.  I am still not certain whether it was a souvenir from the gift shop or an actual piece used in the clubhouse dining area.  Either way - I love it!

I have never been to Augusta during the practice rounds, when you are allowed to take photographs.  We always go, during the actual tournament. Therefore, I have no photos to show you how incredible the golf course looks, during the spring. The spring pictures at the beginning of the post are of my back yard this time of year - multiply that times a couple of hundred and you can get a sense of just how lovely it is. Of course, there are many pictures on the internet, if you are really interested.

Here is a card listing the names of each of the golf holes on the course. Each has its own special plant - oh the loveliness of it all!!!

I do wish for each of you, whether or not you love golf, to be able to spend a day in the spring in Augusta at probably the most famous and glorious golf course of all.  I promise, there is nothing like it!


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  1. Oh, those flowers are gorgeous! I'm a bit jealous as spring is very late this year in Brittany.

  2. Your outdoor pictures are incredible. We're slowly seeing signs of Spring around here, can't come quick enough for me.
    fondly ~lynne~

  3. I can only imagine the gogeous Spring in Georgia. I have been to the Carolinas and it was breathtaking. How fun to attend the Masters. My hubby golfs now and then but fly fishing is his passion.

  4. I am imagining the beauty all around GA at this time of the year. How wonderful that you and your hubby are able to attend the Masters. I can just imagine how exciting it is for him and awesome that you can create a tablescape with golfing elements....Christine

  5. Oh how sweet of you to create a table just for your hubby in honor of The Masters. What a lucky buy in finding the plate, Diane! Enjoy your time at the tournament and your wonderful Spring.

  6. Wow, the Masters and Augusta?! You guys are truly lucky! My dad is an avid golfer too, and would love to surprise him one day with a trip to one of these. I love how you collected the souvenirs, just curious how you display them though. I'm also a souvenir junkie and have yet to find a good way of displaying them! hahaha! Anyway, thank you for visiting my blog, started following you on google+!

    1. Thank you for the kind comments and for following! We really do not display the items all year, except for a few in our recreation room. We display those on a double tiered shelf hanging on a wall. As for the others, we mostly wear them - lol! The hats, clothing and charms get a lot of use! We, also, use the coffee cups all of the time. One really great way to use some flat souvenirs (score cards, post cards, tickets etc.) is under glass on a table. We have a pub table in our basement and display those kinds of souvenirs there. Makes an interesting conversation piece!

  7. Ok, wait a minute. I NEVER realized that you were originally Tablescapes Times Three! And to make it stranger, just last night I was looking at your last post on that site and left a comment telling you I was thinking of you. Seriously, go look!

    Well I'm glad I found you!

    I love how you integrated your husband's love of gold with your love of dishes!

    - The Tablescaper

  8. I've seen that course and it is really gorgeous. Totally amazing. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Your breakfast setting is wonderful. Love that plate!!! xo marlis

  9. I am doing a post about the Masters on Sunday! Big event at our house too, you have collected lots of great memorabila! Such an awesome and scenic experience is Augusta! Makes us Southerners proud!

  10. Any golfer would love to sit at your table for breakfast...but I guess your husband has that honor!
    The azaleas are stunning.
    Have a great week, Diane...

  11. Oh, for the love of Pete!!!! This is great!!! Did I tell you that my husband and I lived for a short while just about 3/4 mile from Augusta National? We never got to see the course (he is seriously the only doctor I know on this planet who doesn't play golf!), but I would have loved it, I'm sure! We were told stories of how the locals were able to rent out their homes to visitors in for the tournament for thousands of dollars a week. We never did that, but it sure would have been fun!!!

    I LOVE it that you found that plate from 1943!!!!!! That is SO cool! What a treasure! Someone who knew absolutely zilch about golf gave that up! What a great bullet for your place setting!!!!!

    I would love to be in Georgia right about now. It is SO cold here, and I think we'll lose everything that has sprouted over the next couple of days thanks to the freezing temps we're expecting overnight tonight and tomorrow. Pitiful! Kansas City weather is p-i-t-i-f-u-l!!!

  12. How special to attend the Masters. Georgia is certainly a gorgeous setting for this event. Thanks for sharing your Ode to the Masters. '-)

  13. Oh, the pictures are wonderful. I have never been to Georgia, but it is on my list.

  14. This is so much fun! My hubby & father-in-law would love to sit down to your table. My father-in-law did attend the Masters a few years ago.
    I have to say I'm kind of jealous of the beautiful Spring you're experiencing! Such pretty flowers. Freezing rain is expected here today. :(

  15. Diane I love to watch the Master's on TV cause it is the most gorgeous course ever! Love that you get to go on occasion! My ex was a golfer and I developed a love for the game. Your breakfast table is perfect! Love your collection of shirts and memorabilia of Augusta National! That plate is an amazing find! Our Azaleas are starting to bloom here in Atlanta!

    hugs, Linda

  16. Unless one lives with one's head underground, everyone has always heard of the Masters but I knew little about it other than it was a Golf tournament (and the winner gets a green jacket?) Thanks for the information -- it was a very interesting post!

  17. I found this so very interesting, especially the names of flowers and that it used to be a nursery. I've heard of the Masters before, my sister's husband used to go to it. The price for the tickets is outrageous! LOL!

    I like your Master's tablescape!


  18. Don't you just love that you can tablescape for a sport? I saw baseball tables this week and want to redo one also. I have been forced to watch golf with my dad. I don't mind it much anymore and have begun following a few players. Great souvenirs.

  19. Hi Diane. I have a dear friend who is a great golfer and loves to come to Augusta to attend the tournament. I've tried to love golf, but sadly it just isn't a game for me. But I can certainly appreciate the beauty of the golf courses - with Augusta being at the top of the list. Great idea for the Masters themed place settings!

  20. What great tablescaping for the Masters. That plate is a treasure. I didn't know that the course was formerly a nursery. How interesting. You've collected some great memorabilia, and I enjoyed seeing it. laurie

  21. Always such fun receiving souvenirs and these are very special ones! Perfect tablescape ~ I'd love to enjoy your lovely breakfast :)

    Kindly, Lorraine

  22. Super to have you at Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  23. We are watching the Masters now, I think watching golf is exciting and that course is absolutely gorgeous! My husband was just telling me how exclusive the tournament is. You guys are very lucky, have fun!

  24. How fun! What a grand collection you have and your plates are just wonderful. Yes, The Masters is very exclusive. My golfing friends would be very envious of everything on this post!

  25. I must show this post to my husband! The Masters is a sacred event at our house. Nothing ~ and I really mean nothing can possibly avert his gaze from the tournament. Augusta is his Mecca, although Pebble Beach is a close runner up!

    Big Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  26. My dad and my husband both woke up at 4am this morning to watch the Masters (we are in Australia). I'll have to see how the Aussies went. We are all going for Jason Day!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz

    PS We've been to Florida in the middle of January and it was so hot! The weather is very similar to our weather in Brisbane.

  27. Such a sweet post! Love those gorgeous blooms, azaleas are such beautiful shrubs and the golf courses certainly know how to keep everything pristine...especially this one! Such a sweet table setting!
    Hope you'll come share at AMAZE ME MONDAY...

  28. We just watched the end of the Masters! Very exciting! Life to the full! Melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle

  29. You must have enjoyed the climax of today's tournament. Talk about coming down to the last shot and in the rain at that.

  30. Lovely post and such a great tribute to your husband and to The Augusta Masters. The Man and I watched the tournament yesterday. Wow, did that get exciting or what! I was very happy with who won -- YAY for the Aussie!

  31. It must be beautiful to see that course! We have Shinnecock where the US open was played, but they truck in flowers. It looks pretty, but not the same as beautiful flowering shrubs.