Friday, April 19, 2013

Scott Antique Market

Have you ever heard the expression, "Man plans, God laughs"? Well, last week-end, I certainly understood that quote!  On Saturday, I was supposed to attend the Masters Golf Tournament with my husband in Augusta, Georgia.  Close to the big day, my daughter thought she might need for me to babysit for her.  Being the lovely person that I am (hahaha!), I agreed and gave my ticket for the Masters to my son.

As things happened,  I was not needed by my daughter, but for some reason, my son did not offer the ticket back!  Actually, he is a sweetheart and knew that I would not have taken it.  So how to make lemonade out of that lemon of a situation??? Well, to go shopping with my son's friend, Katie!  I realized that it was the very week-end that the Scott Antique Market would be in Atlanta for the monthly show.  Whoopee!  Katie had never been, so we hatched a scheme made plans to attend, while the guys were at the golf tournament.

If you have never had the fun of attending this monthly event, you have missed a fabulous experience - two huge buildings and outside tents full of the most interesting antiques, along with new products and other  "stuff"! Katie and I wore comfortable shoes and planned to take in all of it.

Right now, I would like to say that I was so busy having fun that I never took any photos of the outside vendors or their great merchandise.  I guess, I will just have to return for some additional photos - poor me!

My favorite part of each visit is meeting and learning from the various vendors.  In this post, I am going to feature of few of them.

The first booth that really caught my eye was the booth of Judy and Will Hair.  Their booth is located in the North Building B-11, Booth 478.  They have such an interesting collection of antiques, many of which they purchase in Maine, when they visit every year. The table above was an interesting piece.  The legs are metal and the top is very old wood - we thought it might have been a sewing machine table from a factory. It was being sold for a  reasonable price - wish I could have fit it into my car.  I, also, fell in love with that creel - it looked very "Maine" to me.

Judy and Will sell beautiful Majolica and other china pieces.  Wouldn't you love to own the green plates with the flowers??

How about an English fish set with forks and knives?

They carry softer things, too.  Beautiful quilts...


And, my favorite, this lovely needlepoint fire screen.  I love to create needlepoint pieces and cannot imagine how many hours went into making this treasure!

Judy and Will have a nice collection of boxes and the pieces that I bought there were among these.
I bought two small boxes to display with one that I already own.  I am going to tell you all about them in another post - they have such an interesting history!

By the way, while talking to Judy, I discovered that she and Will reside in a town where one of my Cameron ancestors lived. We had fun talking about the area and I felt like I had made new friends.  One of the things I love about visiting at Scott's.

The next booth that made me drool was Steve Long's booth.  He, also, is in the North building at Booth C6, 807-808. Wow, wow, wow!  Many of you already know about my obsession with silver. This is not the place for me - I could do some serious damage here! Fortunately, Steve sells mostly sets of flatware, so I was not quite, as tempted.  However, if you are looking for sets, this is the place to go. Did you notice the Imari-style plates with the silver reticulated rims - help, I may faint!!!

Steve sells so many beautiful pieces of silver - anything you could ever want, really!  However, silver is not all that he sells...


He, also, has an offering of really fine crystal.  Decanters,

and stemware.

There were so many things in this booth that I could have taken home with me, but did not this time.  However, I have already started saving for "next time"!!!

Another booth that Katie and I enjoyed so much was the one, which was operated by friends, Patricia Biskey and Rachel Weitnauer.  Oh the fun we had there! Patricia is the owner of "The American Sampler", which sells Sterling and Collectibles and Rachel owns "Mulberry Grove Antiques".  However, they share this booth in the North building at the corner of C-3 and the center aisle. 

These ladies, too, have many pieces of fine silver - this epergne was the piece that I had trouble leaving behind. Isn't it just stunning??? 

Wouldn't you just love to see this candelabrum on your dining room table or piano ( a la Liberace - lol!)?  Oh, I would certainly love it on mine.

Or, perhaps, these lovelies on your dressing table - "sigh"!!

I was fascinated by this drinking horn  - how would you like to try to actually drink from it? 

If silver is not "your thing" - how about some gold jewelry?  Patricia and Rachel have some wonderful pieces. Speaking of jewelry.  Katie was looking at jewelry, during our searches - more about that later...

Patricia and Rachel, also, carry flatware and I bought a "Strasbourg" berry/casserole spoon from them , even though I had told myself that I did not need any more "Strasbourg", ever! However,  I did not own that particular piece and just could not help myself! Oh, how I need an intervention!!!

Again, the highlight of the visit to this particular booth was chatting with the owners.  I discovered that Rachel grew up in the same county where I lived for many years, while growing up.  She knew my husband's family and many other of the same people that I do.  I did not realize what her maiden name was, until after my visit and she is a relative of one of my dearest friends in the whole world. I told you that Scott's is a fabulous, fun place!

I am sorry that this post is so long, but I hope that you will bear with me, because I have two other vendors that I would like to feature.

At this point, Katie finally found the jewelry that she wanted.  It was a spoon ring.  When she bought it, we did not know the pattern from which the ring was made (a little unusual for me!), so I did some research, when we returned home and the ring was made from a rare Oneida pattern made in 1967 called "Mediterranea".  The pattern looks a like Oneida's "Michelangelo", which was made a few years later.  I have no idea why the company made the few changes and re-issued it under another name, but "Mediterranea" is very pretty, as you can see here:

The next interesting person whom we met is a folk artist, Sam Granger.  To say that Sam is quite a character is an understatement and Katie and I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation with him. Sam is located in the South Building, but I did not get his booth number.  However, you can find him at his website, or on Facebook.  

I thought that this painting was particularly funny, since my daughter had been a huge "A-Team" fan, when she was young. 

Sam told Katie and me that he had never had much luck with women and, apparently, that must be the truth, since all of his woman are painted with devil faces.

Sam's "Mother's Day" painting - the children are bringing flowers and a new "pitchfork"!!! I think I will be nicer to my children for a while - hahaha!  I forgot to take a photo of the family picture where Sam and his "ex" are riding in a car - she, too, is a devil. Hope that she never sees that painting. However, I did take a picture of another one of his devil-ladies, which is my favorite:

The "Devil Woman" stick - it is hilarious!

Just so you do not think too badly of Sam, he is a blues lover (as I am).  Here is his tribute to the blues:

I say that I have two home towns and, of course, Sam grew up not far from one of them.  I am beginning to think that, in Georgia, there are only two degrees of separation, instead of six!

As you have probably already realized, the South Building at Scott's is a little different from the North one.  More new items are sold there.  Here is one of the booths that Katie and I really loved:

The arrangements were exquisite and I could have taken home every one of them.  However, if you cannot read the ticket on this small one, it reads,  "$398.00".  Ouch!

Here are a few other sights in the South Building:

I was hoping to bring Katie over to the "dark side" (lol!), during this visit and I think it worked!  Our last purchase of the day was twelve salt dips and twelve glass salt spoons.  I forgot to photograph the booth and the dips, but I think she may be "hooked" on tableware now.

Thank you for staying with me for the entire post.  You are about to be rewarded, because I am going to introduce you to one of my favorite people, Malcolm Argo.

Mr. Argo is from Americus, Georgia.  Americus is very close to one of my home towns (of course!) and we know quite a few of the same people.  Mr. Argo's business is named The Silver Source and, indeed, he sells quite a bit of that shiny metal.  Two of my favorite pieces of Towle "Diane" are pieces that I purchased from him a few years ago.

The Silver Source booth (L-6) is located in the South Building at Scotts. 

Don't you love these pieces of filigree sterling?  The workmanship is so delicate and lovely!

As I said, Mr. Argo sells many pieces of silver, but what he sells best is himself.  He is marvelous story-teller and can be just a bit "naughty" (all in good fun!).  The first time that I ever met him, the first thing he did was show me a naked woman!  Actually, it was a piece of his personal silver pattern, Wallace "Irian", and she is only half naked. Oh, how he loves to tease that way.  He really is a southern gentleman with a little spice added and quite cosmopolitan.  He and his wife, Phyllis, are partners in the silver business and I am sure they have a terrifically fun life.  Thanks, Malcolm, for making buying silver such a interesting process.  Katie and I had a great time visiting with you!

Many thanks to all of the vendors for allowing me to take photographs of their beautiful merchandise and for the information that they all gladly share with the shoppers who visit their booths.  If you live anywhere near Atlanta or find yourself there, during the second week-end of any month, I highly recommend a visit to Scott Antique Market.  You can get additional information on the website:  Try to visit - you are in for a treat!


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  1. What a treat! This is one of those places I've wanted to see for the longest time! Thanks so much Diane!

  2. Wow Diane, that must have been so much fun! Much better than going to the Masters! I have heard of Scott's Antique Market but have never been {I live in Birmingham} so might have to go next year, sounds fabulous! How did you ever choose what to buy!!!Really enjoyed going with you!

  3. What a fun way to spend the day - better than watching golf, I think!

  4. Scott's is one of my favorite places to visit. So much to see and so many great people there! Even if I don't buy anything I always learn so much!

  5. Oh my goodness! I want to go!!! So, so much fun stuff! I was just working on a tablescape with a ton of silver. I would have had a blast!!!!

    No comparison to golf!

    Thank you so much for being part of the premier of "Oh, the places I've been!"

    - The Tablescaper

  6. Thanks so very much, Diane, for sharing those great photos (and info) about Scott's Antique Market. I am only about 2 hours away but I have not been there in over 20 years. It seems to have really grown since then. I really should make a pilgrimage there soon even if it is just to "window shop". I saw your post over at The Tablescaper's new party.

  7. Oh, I forgot to add that your son will never paint a picture of you with a devil face since you gave him your ticket to the Masters golf tournament.

  8. I saw this on the Tablescaper's new travel series and thank you for this. It may be the only time I ever get to experience Scott's. We live in the mountains north of Atlanta and I have yet to persuade my husband to drive me down to Scott's for a look around. Not sure whether he is afraid of the traffic or that I will bring home too many things that I didn't know I couldn't live without :)

  9. I've long wanted to go to Scott's Market. Perhaps someday! Thanks for the great review. It makes me want to plan a trip next month. '-)

  10. Wow, thank you for taking us on this fabulous shopping trip! I love everything you pictured and more interesting enough, the people you met! Would love to go on a trip like that there someday. :-)

  11. Oh Diane, how fun! I would have picked this over going to the Masters anytime. What beautiful things! I have those green plates with flowers but I love the epergne. I don't have one and would love to own at least one. Thanks for taking us ono a virtual shopping tour!..Christine

  12. Oh what fun! We don't have anything like that here. I want to see the salt dips and spoons. I'm glad your son's friend enjoyed it and hopefully she will continue on the path to having lots and lots of dishes. Thanks for sharing pictures of your shopping adventure.

  13. Oh fun..and how funny that you are already schooling Katie....LOL I have never been but this tour makes me want to go.. glad you took so many pictures..
    Love, Mona

  14. Love your attitude! What a great event to attend and how nice that you took the time to engage with the participants with the bonus of making that great connection to the past...

  15. 'Woohoo!! Thanks for sharing your adventure at Scotts. It's on my "to-do" list and whenever we find that home in Charleston, I plan on ticking this one off! Sorry you didn't go the Masters as it was pretty phenomenal this year. But reality is, how could it possibly compete with a flea market??!! I am now your newest follower as I love supporting my fellow bloggers. I hope you can have a chance to read about my adventure at this linky party. Arrived a bit late, but I'm there! Looking forward to reading more about you....

  16. Wow -- what trasures! I wish I could go! Thanks for sharing (although I'm wiping drool off my keyboard!) the lovely things at the Market.

  17. Enjoyed meeting you and Katie... hope to see you again soon.

    Sam Granger
    SamG Folk Art

  18. What a great way to spend a day...I am jealous!

  19. Green plates=swoon worthy. Fun day!

  20. Beautiful share.Amazing collection..thank you and have a great week end...:):)

  21. Oh, Tablescaper's new party might just be too much for me! This looks like over the top fun. What beautiful booths and they have so much in them. Here in Utah what is termed an antique shop is usually just a junk shop as very little made it across the plains.

    I just died over the silver pieces. I have a couple of beautiful silver servers and would love to add to them and that covered silver dish was fabulous too.

    Glad you had so much fun.

  22. What a fun day to spend with you and your son's friend! Oh my gosh, I would be in real trouble there. So many pretty things and that silver - WOW. Thanks for taking us with you on the tour.


  23. Quite a collection you've shown us. I love to go to antique shows and just browse. Sometimes, however, I can't resist buying that special something.

  24. Thanks for taking us along--what a great treat! Thanks also for stopping by my blog and leaving your nice comment.

  25. This looks like my kind of place! Thanks for sharing with us!

  26. Oh what a fun time for you and Katie! Thanks for taking me along (virtually!) with you to all those great booths. It's so funny, Diane, but I just shined up some sterling and silverplate today (the easy way!). I've decided to use it instead of keeping it put away. Do you put your sterling in the dishwasher?

  27. I love the blue, mason jars, the silver, and the basket hanging on a strap. Sam is a character. Thank you for sweet comment.

  28. Wow, totally amazing. I would love to be there. Thanks tons for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty