Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sad week...

Just a note to all of my blogging friends - my dear friend, Marge, whom you see here in the red vest is very ill. We have been friends for almost 36 years and my heart is breaking.  We were neighbors for many years, until I moved away.  We have always stayed in touch and she is like an adopted grandmother and great-grandmother to my children and grandchildren.

I just wanted all of you to know that I have not meant to ignore your wonderful posts - I will try to catch up on my comments later. I do not really feel like blogging this week and I am going to try to spend as much time as I can at the hospital in my friend's town.

I hope that you all have a wonderful week.


Monday, May 20, 2013

Memorial Day

For me, it is always very difficult to write a Memorial Day post.  I find that, as I am writing, tears are usually  running down my face. I start thinking of all the brave men and women that this country has lost, while they were representing us on the battlefield or while protecting our country.  This Memorial Day, however, I am dedicating this post to the families of those fallen soldiers.

I am thinking of the tables all over this country with someone missing.  Someone who has given his or her life for the rest of us and the families that are feeling the pain of that loss.

While we are setting our tables and planning menus for our families and friends, I wonder how hard this day must be for them.  I think that we all can imagine and I hope that we reach out and thank them for their sacrifice and the ultimate sacrifice of their loved ones.

So, when you are grilling your hamburgers and hot dogs, please think about those for whom Memorial Day was always meant to honor, but also remember the ones whom they left behind.

I thank them all and will never forget what they have given for this country - for our America. God bless them each and every one.


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Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Do you ever wonder where your fellow bloggers find the inspirations for their posts? Many times, I seem to be at a loss for something new and different.  However, recently, I was walking around Jo-Ann's and spied this:

It was a cute red metal tricycle with a plant holder on the back and it was on sale!  I was excited, because I already had these:

I purchased these adorable red bicycle napkin rings last year at Steinmart and used them in a post that you can read Here.

In the last post, I had used blues and reds together, so I needed to think of something different this time.  I knew that I wanted to use greenery, so I tried to decide what to use on the table to hold the plants.  I have a couple of great black trays, so I thought why not plan a red and black color scheme?  I knew my University of Georgia friends would be thrilled (yes, Bonnie, I really thought of that!).  Bonnie is a wonderful friend of mine who loves her Bulldogs!

I have several check tablecloths in different sizes. However, a white tablecloth was already on my breakfast room table, so I decided to go with that and use my 52-inch square red and white check one as a table topper.

I put the black tray in the center of  the table. I added some ivy and knock-out roses to the tricycle. Then, I  placed a couple of topiaries that live upstairs in my house on the tray and a centerpiece was born!

The place setting was the easiest decision of all - Mikasa "Yardley" dinner plates with red Biltmore "Louisa" salad plates.

I chose black and white check napkins to use with the red bicycle napkin rings and black flatware from Target.

Black "Ebony" Celebrity crystal was added last.  I first discovered this pattern on a shopping trip to Smith's Antiques in Destin, Florida.  I fell in love with the modern shape of these hand-blown water goblets and have continued to add to this pattern, since I first discovered it.

Well, now you know where I got my inspiration for the week - where did you get yours????


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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Where Have I Been - A Guessing Game!

I thought I would have fun this week with a guessing game, about where I have been. Do any of you recognize this man and his puppet, Madame?  He shares a middle name with the place that I visited and he grew up just a few miles away.

Have you seen this movie that premiered in 1980?  Many of the scenes were shot in this little town.

Have you ever heard of the Artrain?  It stopped in this town in 1974.  It was quite a "happening" at the time.  I was there.

O.K., enough guessing! This is the tiny town of Parrott, which is located in Terrell County in Southwest Georgia . My sister and I recently attended her class reunion in one of our home towns nearby and we spent a fabulous day in Parrott, which has become quite a mecca for antique shopping.

One of my favorite places to shop is Maridean's Marketplace.  Until recently, it was owned by friends of mine.

Julian Grantham is the new proprietor and is a very interesting person.  He used to be a teacher and a coach, but seems to be devoted to antiques now.  He wanted me to tell everyone to stop by and shop at Maridean's and, believe me, it is worth the trip. I am going to tempt you with a few of the fabulous things that I found in the shop, which is really more like an antique mall.

This was one of the displays in the first booth that I saw - so bright and airy!  Not at all what one would expect in an antique store.  I love the color of those green jars!

 I fell madly in love with these gorgeous chairs, but sadly they would not fit into my car! Such pretty blue and white toile on the seats!

There is something new around every corner - which one of these chandeliers do you prefer?  I really like the first one, but I think I could find a places for both of them!

Julian asked me to include a photograph of this bench - look at the beautiful carved leg! What a fabulous addition this will make in someone's home! I was already mentally picking out a new fabric for the seat, when I came to my senses and realized that I had no room for it - in my car or my house!!

If furniture is not your "thing", Maridean's is full of china.  This booth displayed some charming pieces decorated with roses.

So many pretties - so little time! It is a really good idea to to walk around the shop more than once, but even then, you would not see everything.

There are lovely flower arrangements, fine art and many surprises, along the way!

One of the surprises was a print of the church in which I was married. I had never seen this one previously.  Sorry the photograph is not better.

If your taste is more rustic, Maridean's has that, too.  How about this sweet vignette???

The next pieces were among my favorite things:

The beautiful bird china, the Scottish Highlander and, of course, the silver!!  Another of the happy surprises was that I ran into Rachel Weitnauer in Maridean's and most of the silver belonged to her.  I wrote about Rachel in my post about Scott's Antique Market.  You can read about how Rachel and I first met HERE.

Many thanks to Julian for allowing me to shoot his wonderful store.  If you are ever "down south" and want a special side trip, Parrott is it!

I will leave you with a few more photos of the other businesses in Parrott.

One of the other antique shops.  I found some treasures there!

Rick's Bar-B-Que - a great place for lunch. They have some of the best Brunswick stew, I have ever eaten!

The Planters Bank Gallery, which is housed in the old bank in town. This gallery is owned by portrait artist, June Blackstock Pierce. Her gallery is open by appointment only, but you can peek inside and see some of the incredible portraits that she has painted.

Bond Anderson's Sound Play Workshop.  You really must read all about this concept HERE. I met Bond a million years ago, when I lived in Milledgeville, GA and he was an artist-in-residence at a college there. He is a very talented musician!

Well, those are the highlights of Parrott, but there are many more things to see there. I hope you will get off the "beaten path" and visit one day.

Oh, I almost forgot the last photo.  Since I was in the area for my sister's class reunion, I thought I would leave you with a picture of her enjoying it!  Thanks for hanging with me for this very long post!!


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