Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Do you ever wonder where your fellow bloggers find the inspirations for their posts? Many times, I seem to be at a loss for something new and different.  However, recently, I was walking around Jo-Ann's and spied this:

It was a cute red metal tricycle with a plant holder on the back and it was on sale!  I was excited, because I already had these:

I purchased these adorable red bicycle napkin rings last year at Steinmart and used them in a post that you can read Here.

In the last post, I had used blues and reds together, so I needed to think of something different this time.  I knew that I wanted to use greenery, so I tried to decide what to use on the table to hold the plants.  I have a couple of great black trays, so I thought why not plan a red and black color scheme?  I knew my University of Georgia friends would be thrilled (yes, Bonnie, I really thought of that!).  Bonnie is a wonderful friend of mine who loves her Bulldogs!

I have several check tablecloths in different sizes. However, a white tablecloth was already on my breakfast room table, so I decided to go with that and use my 52-inch square red and white check one as a table topper.

I put the black tray in the center of  the table. I added some ivy and knock-out roses to the tricycle. Then, I  placed a couple of topiaries that live upstairs in my house on the tray and a centerpiece was born!

The place setting was the easiest decision of all - Mikasa "Yardley" dinner plates with red Biltmore "Louisa" salad plates.

I chose black and white check napkins to use with the red bicycle napkin rings and black flatware from Target.

Black "Ebony" Celebrity crystal was added last.  I first discovered this pattern on a shopping trip to Smith's Antiques in Destin, Florida.  I fell in love with the modern shape of these hand-blown water goblets and have continued to add to this pattern, since I first discovered it.

Well, now you know where I got my inspiration for the week - where did you get yours????


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  1. yes it is indeed a Bulldawg table....I really like the way you put it all together. it is funny how we get inspiration from so many different places, isn't it?..mine came from a broken branch of my smoke tree this week..go figure...
    Love, Mona

  2. Your table is so pretty! Red, black and white has always been a fave color combo of mine. Love the bicycles too!

  3. I love everything about this table. The checks and bikes and red and black. Wonderful!

  4. I can't believe you had those red bicycle napkin rings, I know you were excited when you saw that trike! Your table looks so cute with the red, white and black. The green "tree"topiaries are the perfect addition to your table decor! Looks darlin!

  5. Bravo, Diane! Bravo! First, glad you decided to keep the white tablecloth on the table. It really gives the whole look a boost and lets the red & white checkered one do its job as an accent. Great that you used the tray to corral the centerpiece, too. It's kind of like a bicycle parked by trees in the park!

    Inspiration is everywhere...we just have to open our eyes really wide to see it! I'm glad yours were wide open during your visit to Jo-Ann's! Have a great week!

  6. I love your trike, Diane. Wasn't that a lucky find to inspire your table. Those bicycle napkin rings are perfect. The checkered cloth just set the whole table off perfectly. It's just so fun and cute!

  7. Diane, sometimes I need to step out of my house to get inspiration. Joann's and Hobby Lobby are great for inspiration. The trike and napkin rings are too stinkin cute!

  8. This is just so darn cute! Love the bicycle centerpiece and the napkin rings...just adorable!

  9. Your table is beautiful, love the bikes in the centerpiece. I love the red/black/white with the pop of yellow from the pretty roses. I get ideas, but necessities for good 'scaping, catching fab sales, no luck there, not having $ and storage space, combined with no energy keep me from doing tables as often as I would like. Sad truth. I'm tired of the plates and glasses everyone has, including me, from the $ Tree. Wow, I am a Debbie Downer! lol xo

  10. Diane, I loved how you took us through the whole process. When I taught sewing classes, I was always asked from where my inspiration came.. well, anywhere! How grand it was that you had those darling napkin rings. Red, black and white.. just a great combination. As a Red Raider, I am particularly drawn to that combination! You certainly pulled this together beautifully. xo marlis

  11. Diane:

    Neat post. Great glasses. In my post today I was talking about how difficult it was to find black glasses. Love those napkin rings!

    - The Tablescaper

  12. Completely delightful! Crisp, animated....marvelous! I could also see this adapted beautifully for Christmas...the tricycle could be a 'gift' sitting by the conical 'Christmas' trees. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  13. Love love love this table! I just saw a red and white checked tablecloth at Stein Mart and almost bought it. Now I'm going to HAVE to go back and get it, now that I've seen how good it can look! -Dawn

  14. I love the bicycles! My inspiration changes from week to week! Sometimes it's flowers or certain dishes and sometimes it's just a theme!

  15. Love your bold checks says fun to me. The napkin rings are so cute, I could see them on a kids birthday table or someone that does a lot of biking. Your roses are gorgeous, Diane!
    Have a wonderful week...

  16. A smashing table! I love all the just is a show stopper! The bicycles are adorable. Love it all. Most of my inspiration comes from what I see..... sometimes it changes in the middle of setting a table! lol
    Blessings My Friend,

  17. Oh how charming this is. That cute bike looks like it is taking a ride through the park, with those topiaries flanking it. And what cute napkin rings! No wonder you had to have that little flower holder bike. It is perfect with those napkin rings. Love the black, red, and white color combination.

  18. The red bicycle planter is adorable, especially with the bike napkin rings! Love the ginghams and red and black theme! Those goblets are gorgeous too!


  19. Darling~Darling~Darling!! That little red trike for the centerpiece was brilliant & make a perfect compliment to your napkin rings. Red & Black were my high school colors & our mascot was a Bulldog, too. LOL

    I like your stemware, too.
    Check JoAnns for black & white fabric with checks...I know they had some for years. You could easily make your own napkins to go with your cherry placemats, if you find it. Good Luck!

  20. Go back & look at the napkins that I made. The center fabric...not the black band perimeters, but the checks with the cherries is available at JoAnns. If you can't find it, I'll look at their headquarters, which is very near to me. Just let me know!

    1. Thank you so much! I have a JoAnn's here, but my sewing machine in broken and I have been trying to decide, if I should buy a new one. I do not sew that much any longer, but I would love to make napkins for some of my tablescapes!

  21. Diane, you have created so a cheerful and fun table. That bike as a center piece is a great touch. And the bike napkin rings are the cuttest. A table such as this would brighten any day.

  22. Hi Maam Diane,
    Ohuuuurrrmmm...MG!!! I would love to have those napkin holders. DROOOOOOOOLLLLL a lot. Yes! I am obsessed of black, red, grey & white as my lil kitcchen have that color.

    This is my fave setting you done.

    Absolutely, crazy why we Tablescapers create an amazing settings. Inspirations came from far and beyond. That's the reason I love to stroll around not just to our old friends b-coz in that way, we see and learn.

    Have a blessed Sunday to All.

    Hugs from D´BoX,
    /CC girl

  23. Great inspiration and beautiful table. Your centerpiece is just fabulous.
    I get my inspiration from new items I find that go with something I have just like you. Some it takes a challenge from Kathleen to get me going.