Thursday, May 2, 2013

Tea on the Porch

I have some friends who really like to drink tea.  I hate to admit this, since I am truly a southern girl, but I do not like tea – iced tea or hot tea.  I know that admitting that I do not like iced tea will probably get me thrown out of the southern bell society, but it is the truth and, sometimes, the truth hurts!

Today, though, I am willing to humor my friends and serve them tea on the porch. I can drink some of the flavored herbal teas, so I am including a few of those. An assortment of teas is always a good idea. Did you know that in Chinese mythology tea was discovered, because a dried leaf fell into boiling water? The Emperor, Shen Nong Shi (2,852-2737 BC), drank the brew and was so impressed with the flavor that tea was invented!

I think drinking tea is just an excuse to use a cute teapot!  This one came from Maryland China, along with the matching creamer and sugar.

The cups, saucers and small green dessert plates are Anna Weatherley “Colors”.  I thought that they mixed well with the teapot set, especially, since Anna Weatherley’s symbol is the butterfly and the teapot set has butterfly decorations, as well.

The sterling silver teaspoons and sugar spoon are Whiting “Imperial Queen”, which was made in 1893.  The Gorham silver company, eventually, took over Whiting, as it did many other smaller silver manufacturers.

Two white on white embroidery placemats were used together to form a runner for the wicker table.  I, also, chose white on white cocktail napkins to complete the look.

The whimsical teapot set seemed to beg to be used on the porch, since it is decorated with fauna, bugs and butterflies.  However, since my porch is screened-in, we did not have to contend with real bugs - always, a problem in the south - plus we will have a nice ceiling fan to keep us cool!

It is fun to treat your friends to something that they enjoy.  I hope you find a way to spoil your friends this summer!


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  1. Your tea set is so beautiful, even if you don't drink tea! I know that your friends will enjoy using it!

  2. Hello Lady D...
    Drool... drool...drool!

    So beautiful not just ur table but vurpa varm home.

    I am out of town hearing för Copenhagen n forgot my laptop bag so, am using my Samsung tab. Not good för a blogger.

    Enjoy ur week end.

    /CC girl

  3. Oh Diane, your porch is so beautiful, and very very zen! Love your tea pot and accessories. Would love to sit on that porch and sip tea and chat! xo

  4. This is beautiful! You are inspiring me to have tea on the porch.

  5. What a perfect set-up for nice tea with those beautiful pieces!

  6. Diane, I love your tea set..those green plates are so pretty...wish I had a screened porch in the back. ours is in front and not very useful....and our deck is not screened in....this is so neat because I did a tea set set up in the backyard just yesterday..isn't spring in Georgia delightful? love your porch party...
    Love, Mona

  7. oh yes, I forgot...I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU DO NOT LIKE ICED TEA.!... LOL

  8. The green plates are perfect with the tea set! They bring out all the green in the pot and the creamer and sugar. Just beautiful. And you must keep that dislike of tea very quiet.. bless your heart! Beautiful screen porch! xo marlis

  9. Ha, Diane! I am with you on not liking hot tea. I love the idea of a nice leisurely cup of tea, because it seems so sociable and relaxing. Just don't like hot beverages. But, I love your peaceful porch with the comfy wicker chairs. Lovely little teapot! Enjoy these wonderful spring days on your delightful porch.

  10. What a gorgeous setting with those lovely green plates and beautiful tea service! I'm sure you're even going to have TEA, lol...I like tea, but it's certainly not my cuppa tea, lol...I'm mostly a coffee drinker and I have a cup of tea usually when I'm very cold, or sick! I love your beautiful porch too. Big hugs,

  11. Okay, so I almost fell out of chair. Your scarlet letter will be a "T". LOL.
    Your tea service and tea cups and saucers are gorgeous.

  12. Diane, I rarely drink tea, but I love ice tea on a hot summers day. Teacups and teapots are just too darn cute. One needs them even if they are never filled. lol! Yours are beautiful and how fun to sit in your lovely room. I would love if you shared this with my party, Share Your Cup Thursday.

  13. I love tea, I could drink it all day, but not everybody has to. And even when you love it, it tastes better in a pretty teapot and served in pretty teacups like yours!

  14. I'd be the perfect guest on your lovely screened in porch, Diane! I love tea and your tea service is so pretty, but I'd enjoy your company even more.

  15. Diane what a wonderful feel of your porch. Would love to come over!! Love the green theme!! Thanks for sharing

  16. I love your tea service and the pretty green dishes. Just beautiful! I'm not a southerner, so it's not quite so scandalous, but I don't drink tea either. There are about three herbals that I like. I do, however, love teacups and teapots so between the "lucky three" and hot cocoa in the winter, I get to indulge in finding beautiful dishes to go along. Time to pamper my friends, I think!

  17. Your tea service is beautiful and your porch is fabulous. What a wonderful place to enjoy tea, love it. I think I would be there all day. Thanks so much for joining the party. Hugs, marty

  18. What a lovely tea service and the crisp white linen cloth is wonderful.

    My mother had a fantastic teacup collection. It has been 12 years since passed away and we have literally never gone through her things - too difficult for my sister. With retirement, I will have plenty of time to visit my sister and we can finally go through things and find those teacups.

  19. Lovely. You can never go wrong with Anna Weatherly. I could spend the whole day on your charming porch. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  20. Beautiful place for tea!! Your porch is lovely!! Wile I am not a tea drinker (hot or cold) I have a soft spot for tea pots, your garden theme tea pot is beautiful! And I can imagine a wonderful afternoon with friends on your porch.

  21. I was also hesistant to try tea at first, but after a few of my friends talked me into it, I finally gave in. They had me drink Pink Petal Lemonade; the first thing I noticed is its sweet aroma. After I took a sip, there was like an explosion of flavors that tickled my taste buds. How'd you find the taste of the tea you had?

    Kevin Walls @ Tea Life

    1. Kevin - my sister is a huge tea drinker and she talked me into trying some of the flavored ones. I have not tried Pink Petal Lemonade, but I do like the peach flavored ones - maybe, I am southern, after all - lol!