Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A New Find!

On my recent trip to Parrott, Georgia (read about it HERE), I ventured into an antique shop, Yesterday's. It was full of all kinds of vintage items.  My sister and I had a wonderful time looking around and I happened to peer down into a glass display case and spotted this wonderful, footed bowl.  I was not positive, but I thought the color of green looked like some of the old Fostoria pieces that I had seen.  I decided to buy it, along with two clear etched glasses (more about those in another post!).

Sure enough, when I returned home, I discovered that the bowl is Fostoria #2394 and Replacements had a photo of a candlestick in that series.  They, also, had a picture of the bowl in other colors.  I was so excited, since Fostoria crystal is one of my obsessions!

While, I  do own Fostoria green glasses, I do not own any this particular green (on my very long "wish" list!). The green in my bowl is one of the older colors that was used in the 1920s and 30s.  However, I had bought blue and green footed glasses at TJ Maxx some time ago and thought they would work for this tablescape.

I pulled out some of my rattan chargers and used Gibson blue dinner plates.  A "Sunflower" white salad plate was placed on top.

To pull the colors together, I found some napkins that I purchased at Florida Linen in Panama City, Florida.  Oh, how I love that store!!  If you missed my post showing all of the beautiful items they sell, you can read it HERE. I used my every day stainless flatware "Cantata" by Oneida.

Of course, the star of the table is the bowl!  I added small green moss balls and daisy mums. I carried daisy mums in my wedding many, many years ago, so they are always special to me.

This was a very simple table setting. I deliberately did it this way to prove that, even if we do not always have the perfect items we want  (Fostoria green glasses from the 20s!) to set a table, we still can make a tablescape happen! Most of the time, a substitute can be found that can be just as interesting. The next time that I use the green bowl, I will spend more time putting a tablescape together, but I was so excited about the bowl that I just could not wait!!  Don't you love it???


P. S. For those of you who have been asking about my friend, Marge - after three weeks on a ventilator, she was taken off of it today and is doing much better.  Thanks for all of the thoughts and prayers.  Also, please keep our blogging friend, Alicia Nichols of Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, in your thoughts, as she lost her father today.

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