Sunday, August 18, 2013

Red and Pink at the Beach

Once, again, Kathleen of Cuisine Kathleen has given us a challenge to do a summer post that has something to do with fun summer activities.  I always think of the beach.  Even though I live on a small lake, we very rarely go out on the lake in our small boat and I do not have a pool - so the beach, it is!

In my much younger days, I took dancing lessons and one year our recital had an under-the-sea theme.  Two of my friends and I got to be lobsters. Our mothers made our costumes and they were the most beautiful shades of red and pink! I can still remember how pretty those two colors looked together - wish you could see the colors in this photo.  Alas! I was born in the age, when all we had was black and white film - for you younger viewers, yes, cameras had film and it was produced in only black and white! I will let you guess which girl is you-know-who, but I will give you a hint - it was probably the only time in my life, when I was the tallest person in the group - lol!!

Anyway, I fell in love with red and pink together, so when my daughter's family gave me eight darling appetizer/bread  "Coastal Life" plates from 222 Fifth for my birthday, I was excited!  Guess what colors they had on them?

The plates came in sets of four, each with a different design.  However, I received two sets, so I could use them for eight place settings. Yeah!

For each place setting, I first used a very plain white placemat from Belk's.  I have had these placemats a very long time and, believe it or not, they clean very well. The cute coastal plates were used as bread plates for this table.

Johnson Brothers' "Rose Chintz" accent dinner plates went down next with red Biltmore "Louisa" salad plates on top of those.  I purchased the geometric pink and white napkins from One Kings Lane.

I used silver and mother-of-pearl napkin rings and faux mother-of-pearl Barenthal flatware. Mother-of-pearl comes from the sea, right? 

 Choosing the stemware is usually my favorite part of setting a table.  For this one, I decided to use two different Fostoria goblets.

The first goblet is Fostoria's "Westchester" pattern in the ruby color.  There is no way that any photo can do justice to the beautiful red color of these goblets.  The stem is #6012.  Westchester came in several other colors - all beautiful, but the ruby is definitely my favorite.

 The second goblet is Fostoria's #5098/5298 in the rose color. It has a beautiful optic bowl and it, also, came in different colors.  This was considered a "blank" which was used for other patterns, which were etched, like "June" or "Versailles".

The little serving bowl is actually a mayonnaise bowl from Fostoria's "Fairfax line".  Fairfax was the non-stemware companion to the goblet that I used.  The Fairfax line was also used as a "blank" for other patterns. I used a mother-of-pearl spoon with a shell handle with the bowl.

For the centerpiece, I used a red glass bowl with shells inside, which was a Goodwill find.  I did not want to use too many shells, because recently I had done a post, where shells were definitely the stars of the table.  You can see that post HERE.

Two Tiffin champagne/sherbets were used, as candleholders.  They do not have a pattern name, just a number and I will not bore you with that! They do have a pretty optic bowls, though!

I love the way that this table came together and that I had a chance to use red and pink together like my lobster costume of many years ago. I am looking forward to seeing everyone's summer post. Kathleen's challenges are so much fun, aren't they?  Also, Carol of Art and Sand - I hope that I did red proud, since I think you are the queen of using red in just the perfect way every time!  Love your blog!!  I hope my readers will visit you, if they have not already - just click HERE.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your summer weather!!


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  1. Perfect Diane! I too am inlove with your plates! But i think I adore the mother of pearl stemware! I love mother of pearl, and ave it throughout my home including the upcoming backsplash for my kitchen. I enjoy seeing your dancing lobster photo, very charming indeed!

  2. What a beautiful table, Diane! I love seeing the red & pink colors together in such a way. Your new plates are great and the mother of pearl flatware is a perfect addition. I love that red glass pedestal bowl. I also think it was clever to use the sherbet stemware as candleholders!

  3. Diane, this is beautiful..I love red and pink together and like to throw a little orange in there too..I think red is a neutral color in my world. LOL You have done this combo proud! and that picture of your little dancing self....too cute..
    As always, a beautiful table..
    Love, Mona

  4. Who would have thought that red and pink would be used for a beach theme but this looks fabulous, Diane. I just love it! I love all your glass pieces and the plates that your daughter gifted you are just perfect. Excellent job!...Christine

  5. Yes, I thought the same as Christine..."who would thought of red and pink summer setting and here it is perfect! I adore your dishes and all the red glasses your sweet daughter gave you! Big hugs,

  6. Beautiful table and what a gorgeous combination of the ruby red and the pink. I love those red goblets and the plates are so cute for the occasion.

  7. Love the sea creatures on the red and pink 222 plates. I've been looking for a set of mother-of-pearl napkin rings like yours. I have a set of chargers that are trimmed in the same kind of shell. Very pretty.

  8. This table is so stunning! I love the plates. Red and pink is a very pretty combo. xo

  9. This is one of my favorite tables! Love the mix of red and pink and those cute plates are perfect for summer! All the little touches make it such a fun table! Love it!

  10. I am a seashell girl, so I love those plates! It is really fun seeing the shells with the red, unusual but really pretty!

  11. The obvious first comment must be T H A N K Y O U for the shout out - too sweet!

    But, I can't believe this table setting.

    First, those coastal plates are A M A Z I N G !!! I love them.
    Second, your choice of each dish, napkin, goblet, flatware, centerpiece (did I forget anything?) is perfect.

    I set the table every meal with a tablecloth or place mats, cloth napkins and nice dishes/flatware, but my table never comes close to the beauty of what you do. I think I seriously need to start shopping for dishes beyond my solid primary colors.

    W O N D E R F U L post and again, thanks for the shout out.

  12. Well this is most clever inspiration for a table I have ever seen--a childhood lobster costume! You must have had so much fun dancing with your friends. This whole idea is so unique with these colors for a beach table. I love it! Linda

  13. Beautiful red and pink, Diane! I especially love the dancing lobsters.:-) Ahhh, yes, I fondly remember black and white film.

  14. Oh so pretty- you really made the red and pink combo work with those great plates! I love the photo!! Wonderful memories!! Thanks so much for sharing the sentimental side of your inspiration - I enjoyed it :)

  15. what an unexpected summer color palette! It's wonderful! I love that it reminds you of your ballerina days!

  16. Diane,
    Gorgeous Beach Themed tablescape, dear one!!!
    Your stemware is exquisite!!!
    I am totally smitten with the rose hued Fostoria!
    Oh, I too, am a child of black & white photos
    when film was inserted and rolled into our cameras!!!
    Thank you for your kind comment and visit!!!

  17. Diane, your plates are fabulous. Love the color and the accent they add to this beautiful tablescape. Your centerpiece with the red bowl full of shells and the red stems are perfect. This is one of my favorite tables!

  18. I am so impressed with the red and pink together -- what a wonderful combination anchored by your accent plates. Love it!

  19. Love those plates! Wonderful designs!

    - The Tablescaper

  20. This table is so beautiful...and those plates are perfect. I love the red and pink together as well.

  21. Ah, pink and red is fabulous together! Beautiful table, love the plates and all your stemware, and covet your faux mother of pearl flatware.

    :) Pam

  22. Hi Diane,
    Love your coastal themed table with the pink and red. It is very unusual and unique and beautiful. Everything was perfect
    and so different, I really liked that about it.

    Thanks for coming by and for your comments on my tablescape
    as well. Have a great rest of the week, I am your newest
    Blessings, Nellie

  23. A beautiful summertime table! I love the picture of you dancing, a fun memory. Have a great week, Laura

  24. Those plates are so cute, I love anything that reminds me of the beach and lobster, my favorite things, love the colors as well...Phyllis

  25. I'm just like Phyllis, I also love anything coastal, except in my case, instead of lobster, it's crawfish! Thanks for the visit today! Blessings, Tammy

  26. Oh what cute lobsters! This photo looks like something from one of my dance recitals - fancy costumes and black and white film. Love it! Your table is great. I love those plates, and both of your stemware selections are gorgeous! The combination of reds and pinks make such a pretty table. laurie

  27. This is so beautiful with the reds and pinks! Great job putting it all together with so many sea details, including the mother of pearl flatware! I enjoyed seeing it all!


  28. Hi Diane!
    Oh, I love this table! The colors of red and pink look so good together as shown with your dishes and stemware. And speaking of dishes, I love those nautical ones! I'll need to research them, I'd like to find out a little bit more about them! It's always fun to see tables that everyone puts together. You are very inspirational...thanks for sharing!
    BTW...cute, cute picture of your lobster dance. So precious!!

  29. Oh my I really like this! I have seashells on my mind (as you know) and this scores well with me! The new plates are such a nice gift and I really like their colors. The Fostoria stemware looks great together and I like how you used those sherbets for the candle holders! The picture of you in your costume dancing is precious­čśŐ

  30. What a great post! Pink and Red is my favorite color combination. What a cute little lobster you were!

    Hope you have a Happy Pink Saturday! ~Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  31. Hi Diane,
    I just love your red and pink dishes. Your beachy d├ęcor is beautiful! Thanks for visiting me! Take care,

  32. Your whole table looks just gorgeous! I never think of using red with a beach theme but I will have to re-think! I love your knowledge of your dishes and stemware. Looking at dish patterns has always been a bit of a hobby of mine so I really appreciate learning about new patterns.
    Have a lovely weekend,

    1. Robin - thanks, again, for your sweet comments. I wanted to you to know that I tried to publish a comment on your blog and it did not show up - I am not sure why. Hope you enjoy your vacation at the beach, though!

  33. Lovely post...and I love the old photo
    Happy...Happy...Happy Pink Saturday!
    God bless and strengthen you in all things!

  34. Oh my, so much to love here. The shells in the red bowl are the perfect contrast, and of course, I'm totally smitten with the beautiful Fostoria pieces. True treasures! Dancing lobsters...gotta love it! Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  35. That sweet recital story is precious and I love that you performed as lobsters! I'm not sure of it but I'm guessing young dances don't get to be lobsters much these days. Happy pink and red!

  36. Oh, do I LOVE those Coastal Life plates, Diane! And your table is perfect for them--down to the crystal, of course! Love those too (as always!). What a darling picture of the dancing lobsters! And how sweet that your mothers made your costumes--they're bought these days, and pretty pricey at that! What a sweet memory to go with your great table! ~Zuni