Monday, February 24, 2014

Mardi Gras

It is "confession" time here in Georgia!  I am not a Catholic, but I cannot resist the idea of the huge celebration of Mardi Gras, before the season of Lent begins.  How can anyone resist the beautiful colors and the idea of "Fat Tuesday"?

Of course, Mardi Gras began as a pagan festival, which the Catholic church incorporated into the Christian religion. They did this with several holidays, because it was an easier transition into the new faith. I think this might explain some of the behaviors that occur, during Mardi Gras - especially in New Orleans!!

The colors of green, purple and gold were chosen by the New Orleans "Rex" krewe.  This organization has been participating in the Mardi Gras festivities since 1872. Good job, gentlemen!!  I love these colors, don't  you?

Each year, it is so much fun to look for pieces for my Mardi Gras table.  Fortunately, I spend a quite a lot of  time in Panama City Beach, Florida, where a fairly new Mardi Gras tradition has begun.  It is much easier to find supplies for Fat Tuesday there, than in my home town. That is where I found the purple and gold masks and some of my new Mardi Gras beads.

Choosing stemware is always a delight, as well.  I used only green and purple this year.  Sometimes, I use gold, also.

The other masks on the table were purchased online at the Mardi Gras Outlet store.  Oh, how I love to browse through the products on that site!!

Did you know that the wearing of masks on Mardi Gras began in Venice, when the Venetians would celebrate "Carnevale" with masquerade balls? Carnevale or Carnival are different words used to describe Mardi Gras in countries like Italy, Canada and Brazil.

Did you know that Louisiana is the only state in which Mardi Gras is a legal holiday? How I would love to be there for the big party one day.  New Orleans has long been one of my favorite cities!

I do hope that your Fat Tuesday is a great success!  Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow, we diet!!! Lol!!


Place mats and feathered masks - Mardi Gras Outlet online
Gold and purple masks - Dollar Tree
Gold chargers - Old Time Pottery
Purple Plates - J C Penney "Chateau" from Replacements
Gold and Ivory luncheon plates - Syracuse "Wayne" from eBay
Green balloon wine glasses - Goodwill and eBay
Purple polka dot glasses - Pier I
Purple Laurie Gates flatware - Horchow

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  1. Thanks for the history on Mardi Gras too. I love your table, such vibrant colors with the gold and purple and the plates are perfect. I also love the pretty stems you got here! Happy Mardi Gras to you all.

  2. Gorgeous, Diane! I especially love the combination of your purple and green glasses -- stunning! I may have to copy that! We really miss living in south Louisiana during Mardi Gras season -- it's quite a Big Deal!

  3. Beautiful table, Diane! The colors of Mardi Gras are so vibrant. I love your stemware!

  4. Aaaaahhhh!!! This is super fun and the colors are gorgeous! Can't believe you managed to pull this off Diane with all the stuff you need to do dear! Gorgeous table!

  5. Wow Diane- this looks fabulous! I've never celebrated Mardi Gras or have I been to New Orleans. I guess I need to get with the program! I really love your green and purple stemware- their colors are perfect and I like the etched design on them. I love the masks too. Do you know Ron at The Uptown Acorn blog? He's right in the thick of it down there and has been posting regularly about it. Thanks for the visit on my blog, Hugs, Liz

  6. Such beautiful colors - I love the glasses too!!!!!

  7. Your table scape is simply stunning, I love the beautiful colors in the stemware, so fun and a party not to be missed, loved it...I also looked at the table scape before this last one, wow so pretty, loved it as well...the pretty pink is such a eye catcher....loved all the old photos as well...

  8. What a fun table you've made for the Mardi Gras theme, Diane. Your stemware is just beautiful and all your accessories are perfect! I'm actually going to a Mardi Gras themed luncheon next Tuesday and it should be fun. xo

  9. Absolutely fabulous! What a great mix of colours - this truly looks like Mardi Gras!

  10. Diane,
    I always benefit from your researching self..wink... thank you for all that you put into writing your blog....Loving those green glasses. I am thinking I might NEED some of those....
    beautiful job.
    Love, Mona

  11. You set a beautiful table. I would have nothing to create a Mardi Gras table except maybe some green.

    Thanks for the history lesson. I did not ever make the connection between Carnevale and Mardi Gras.

  12. This is fabulous! I have always wanted to go to Mardi Gras! Hopefully will get to New Orleans some day. Never heard of Fat Tuesday. Love the beautiful colors! Enjoyed learning more about it too!

  13. you have wonderful Mardi Gras decorations Diane! Yes, the coast is definitely the place to stock up on these things! Your table looks festive and fun and fabulous!

  14. How beautiful and so festive, Diane!...Christine

  15. So neat how your mask has purple dots and you repeated them using the purple glasses with dots. They are very striking. I love your centerpiece with the beads and candles. Beautiful, fun and festive.
    Your photos are great.

    I enjoyed the research you did.

  16. Lovely table! Your stemware is it all.

  17. Your Mardi Gras table is so pretty. Love the history of Mardi Gras. We don't celebrate it either here, but it would be fun to go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. I know how it is finding decor and party supplies in a small town, and you did a wonderful job finding so many pretty things. Love your stemware

  18. I haven't been able to get to a Mardi Gras table this year, Diane, so I'm going to fully enjoy looking at every detail on your gorgeous table. I absolutely love these intense-but-not-wild colors...the gold, the green and the purple. Love it! ~Zuni

  19. I am Catholic, but somehow have never been to a Mardi Gras celebration here in NY. I think maybe it is more a Southern thing? I have done Mardi Gras tables though, because you know in blogland we celebrate everything, LOL!
    Beautiful table, love the stemware, great finds!
    Not looking fwd to Lent , I don't like fish and 7 weeks of meatless Fri.!
    But there's jelly beans after that. :)

  20. Adorable. Mardi Gras is not famous in Sweden but in the Philippines, well, every little town have their own Mardi Gras and I am loving it.

    How I wish I could be present in your party and experience you festivities and those adorable treasures is a must touch, LoL*

    Sorry for not visiting for awhile. I have just trouble at work coz it might be transfer/outsource in the Baltic. So worried coz I am going 50 yrs old this summer and going to redundancy? Hmmm...

    Happy Weekend.
    /CC girl

  21. Love, love, love your tablescape. A recent trip to New Orleans left me... Obsessed(!) with all things Mardi Gras! Your table captures that carnival vibe perfectly. It just leaves me wondering one thing: where are the beignets?

  22. Love this color scheme and the dishes.....Every year I want to do a mardi gras Christmas tree just for fun (filled with greens and purples and feathers & Masks) and I also want to do a table this time of the year but sadly I never get around to it.

    You table is wonderful...Love it!

  23. Great Mardi Gras Table! It looks ready for a good party! I am Catholic, but from the North where we don't Celebrate Mardi Gras as hardy as they do in the south!! We tend to celebrate St. Patrick's Day more!! You have found some great pieces for the colorful celebration.

  24. Love this table. So full of life and energy. The energy to party!!!

    I agree with some of the comments above, in blog land we seem to celebrate every holiday. Well, as long as we're having fun!

    - The Tablescaper

  25. Ha! I'm not sure I'd want to actually be in New Orleans when Fat Tuesday is celebrated!!! I've heard it can get pretty out of hand!!! My older cousins in Baton Rouge used to attend, and they weren't allowed to discuss it in front of us younger kids. THAT spoke volumes! :-)

    We've celebrated Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday for as long as I can remember. It's just something fun to do. We are Catholic, but it has more to do with the fun of it than it for us than it does the connection to the church. I guess it's kind of a "multi-purpose celebration" of sorts! :-)

    You did a wonderful, wonderful job on this table! It has all the elements that make Fat Tuesday the fun that it is! Your candle votives are beautiful with that gold design on them!!!

    I hope more and more people around the nation start to latch onto this holiday and all its festivities. It really IS a good time! Enjoy!!!

  26. A lovely table! Love all the colors!

  27. Love your Mardi Gras themed table. So festive and fun. Love it all. Have fun celebrating Fat Tuesday.


  28. This looks so festive! You've really accumulated quite a collection, I love your stemware! I've never been to New Orleans during Mardi Gras, only during "off peak" times! We love all the history and architecture, well, and of course all the delicious foods! Thanks for posting!!