Wednesday, February 12, 2014

True Love!

Since my husband's birthday falls on Valentine's Day, I usually write an ode to him on the big day.  However, this year, I am writing about another "True Love" of mine.

This year, I am honoring my dear mother-in-law who is having a very big birthday this month.  So, Trudie, will you be my Valentine this year???

I usually use red for Valentine's Day, because pink does not suit my husband.  However, this Valentine's table is all "girl", so pink is the color of the day.

I found a photo of my mother-in-law in pink, so it is perfect for this tribute!

I have had the privilege of knowing this incredible woman, since I was fourteen years old. We have shared many joys, as well as many sorrows. I have been awed by her talents.  She is an unbelievably creative cook and seamstress - she used to sew clothes that looked exactly like the newest ones in the stores. She usually sewed at night, after working all day and finishing her household duties at home. She is extremely smart, too - she still remembers everything, when the rest of us cannot!  She is beautiful - she has gorgeous skin and lovely green eyes, which she has passed down to my husband, our daughter and one of our granddaughters.  Here is a photo of all of them together a couple of years ago. Three of them have February birthdays, too!

We have celebrated many of those birthdays together.  Here are four of the years. It is funny to see how my dining room has changed through the years - first wallpaper, then red paint and, finally,  Modern Masters metallic paint.

I guess what I am trying to convey to all of you dear readers is that - she is a very hard act to follow!!!! She is loving and kind and we all adore her. She is dedicated to her faith and we all laugh, when we really need a special prayer.  We ask her to pray for us, because we are convinced that she has a direct line to God.

She always tries to make everyone in her family feel special. She knows how much I love coffee and whenever I arrive at her home, she immediately fixes coffee for me.  Trudie, here is coffee for you - won't we have fun drinking it and catching up?

I made birthday cake, too.  It will not be as good, as one of your cakes, but I tried! Since we are celebrating Valentine's Day, I used hearts and cherubs for the decorations.

She has been a wonderful Mother, Grandmother and Great-Grandmother to her family.  Her children honor her and her grandchildren and great-grandchildren love her without reserve.

Trudie loves to laugh and have fun and we have enjoyed many adventures together.  In 2002, my husband and I treated her to her first airplane ride and a trip to Williamsburg, VA, where she had always wanted to visit.

Here we are in front of the Governor's Palace.  Trudie was having a problem with a bone spur in her foot, while we were there.  Did it stop her for one single minute?  Absolutely, not! She was a trooper and walked everywhere and saw everything and did not complain for a single minute. I would have been whining all day!!

We took her to a live show, while we were visiting and the star performer fell madly in love with Trudie and took her on stage to serenade her. Can you blame him - she is totally adorable!

 So, Trudie come and join me - you are definitely the guest of honor at my table this Valentine's Day.  I love and respect you and cannot ever repay for all that you have done for me and my family.

This is my favorite photo of you with my husband and late father-in-law.  You look like you know a secret that the rest of us need to discover.  I think it is a secret about how to live a happy, faithful and healthy (did I mention that she still walks on the treadmill every day??) life.  I just wish that I could learn all of what that secret holds.

I cannot wait to see you this week-end and celebrate that "big number" with you.  I would share that number with you, dear readers, but you would never believe it!!!

Happy Birthday, Trudie - you absolutely have my heart!!!

Your blessed daughter-in-law,


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  1. Diane, what a marvelous tribute to your mother-in-law! I am wiping tears after reading your loving words. I know Trudie will adore this pretty table you have set in her honor. Happy birthday to Trudie!

  2. Diane,
    This is so sweet and fitting for such a beautiful lady..You are indeed blessed to have her as your mother in law as she is by having you...
    I love your table and all that you shared with us.....
    Happy Birthday Trudie and Leon!
    Love, Mona

  3. Beautiful table in honour of your Mil, with gorgeous pink dishes and your very sentimental words made me shed a tier or two, because you reminded me of my dearest Mil, who I still miss so much! Happy Birthday to that wonderful lady!

  4. So sweet Diane! true, you may not be able to follow her footsteps step by step but I know she is equally proud and happy to call you her D-I-L!!!! Happy birthday Trudie and advance happy birthday to your darling husband! Love the pinks, perfect for perfect ladieS!

  5. a beautiful woman . . . a beautiful table . . . a lovely tribute.

  6. YOU are a sweet, smart woman, Diane! When so many DILs can't seem to get along with their MILs, you've been smart enough and sweet enough to recognize the treasure a MIL can be. My hat is off to you, Diane, and please share my good wishes with Trudie. ~Zuni

    P.S. Your table is absolutely lovely! :)

  7. Heartwarming Post! Isn't fun to find old pictures and see how much our decorating taste has changed over the years? I went through some many kitchen wallpapers (and my, wasn't it fun when we stripped them all so we could paint a few years ago). Your table is adorable - love the pink heart bowls. You have a lovely family - Happy Birthday MIL!

  8. Sentimental post Diane...You have created a beautiful table with those beautiful dishes .Happy birthday to your M I L.Have a great Valentines Day with your loved ones.I will let you know in my next post what is the suspense in the heart shell box:).Love and Hugs...Sujatha..:):)

  9. Hi lovely lady.
    How sweet of you honoring your dear mother-in-law on her birthday this month. She much love you a lot for showing her just how you feel so much love for her with this Beautiful Tablescape. I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day.
    God Bless.
    xxoo Diane

  10. I think this tribute to your MIL is jut lovely. I like your table, too, because I have some of those same Amore pieces. I use them a lot in February in various combinations with other things. I hope everyone has a wonderful birthday and Valentines.

  11. What a wonderful way to celebrate this lady! Your sweet thoughts tell a great love by you and her family! I enjoy the part of her trip to Williamsburg and the first plane ride. Your pink tablescape is so pretty and the creamer and sugar bowl is my favorite. Hope you will take a peek of my Valentine's red and white table for you might enjoy it!

    Have a grand 14th!

  12. Heartwarming and beautiful. I know Miss Trudie feels blessed that you are her DIL too. I have been thinking of a tribute to my MIL too. You have inspired me to follow through. Perfect that you are honoring her on your husbands birthday. Your tablescape is lovely.

  13. What a lovely tribute to a very special lady. I'm sure she'll love your pink tablescape -- so very feminine.


  14. Oh Diane, what a loving tribute to your dear MIL. Having words written is truly special and I know she will certainly appreciate this post about HER! I'm wanting to know what significant birthday this is for this remarkable lady. Please do tell, to inspire all of us. xo

  15. Diane, this is a beautiful tribute and obviously filled with love. Happy Birthday, Trudie!
    Your "girly" table is gorgeous by the way………Sarah

  16. So pretty in pink! I love your special pink heart dishes and blooming plates. Your MIL sounds like quite a woman, you are so lucky! I certainly hopes she reads your blog and sees your love~

  17. What a wonderful tribute to Trudie! She must be one of the best MIL in the world and such an asset to your family. I love your pink tablescape, it's so soft and delicate. I bet you and Trudie had lots to share over a cup of coffee over the years.

  18. Such a lovely tribute.

    Great to have you at Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  19. I love the heart bowls! Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my post, The Abandoned Town of Centralia!

  20. Ooooh, I love the heart bowl and floral under plate. And what a lovely post. enjoyed it.

  21. Love this table, especially that square plate! What a wonderful tribute to your mother-in-law; I'm sure she loves the table.

  22. Happy Birthday, Miss Trudie!!! This is so sweet, Diane! I love that you chose pink to honor your Mother-in-law and actually found a photo of her wearing that color! Very pretty!

    Like Miss Trudie, I have always wanted to visit Williamsburg. I'm thrilled that she did it. I'll have to follow suit soon. I hope I don't have a bone spur to contend with, though, because I would NOT be the trooper that she was!!! And 2002 was her first plane ride? Wow! I don't care much for flying, so I don't blame her for putting it off! :-)

    You did a wonderful job on this table, and I'm sure your Birthday Girl/Valentine loved it. Nice job!

  23. What a refreshing and precious post. It is so nice to see someone who loves their mother-in-law so much, and expresses it so well now, while she is still here to see are a blessed woman, and she is also a blessed woman to have a daughter-in-law who has eyes to see what a wonderful person she is............
    Happy Birthday Miss Trudie, hope you had the time of your life, and know you must have been thrilled that someone went all out for you..........
    The table was beautiful, and the tribute even more so.