Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Fired Works!!

Do you love the special feel of handmade items?  Do you love pottery? I certainly do and I am lucky enough to live in a city, which has hosted an annual regional pottery show for the last nine years.  It is called "Fired Works" and my sister and I headed to Central City Park in Macon on Monday to view the incredible works on display.

Here is my sister inviting you to join us, as we meander through the rows of fabulous original works.  I enjoyed having my sister along, because she is a stained glass artist, among her other artistic talents. She has a more detailed eye, mainly because she has all of the artistic talent in our family (can you see me pouting???).  I am more of an art history type of girl, so we are a good mix.

This year, the show started on April 26th and runs though May 4th, so there is plenty of time left to attend. Around 70 artists are participating and I know everyone can find the perfect ceramic piece for themselves or a gift for someone else.  It probably is a good thing that no shopping carts are on the premises or I would have been in real trouble! If you would like more details about the show or the accompanying events, you can read about them HERE. Information about the participating artists can be found on the website, too.

This post is going to be heavy on photographs, so sit back and prepare to be dazzled!

 Do you like large pieces of ceramics? There are so many at this show!

 Would you prefer something smaller?  These adorable tiny teapots would thrill my granddaughters.  I am sure their American Girl dolls would love them, too. They are just the right size!

Oh, about the teapots - my sister loves them, so we took quite a few photos of those. How we adored all of the unusual shapes and the cute details!

Perhaps, you prefer lots of color - you definitely can find bright colors at Fired Works.

Aren't these pieces absolutely amazing???? Did you notice the MacKenzie-Childs look-alike candle holders?

In the South, we have a tradition of potters making face jugs. At Fired Works, my sister and I discovered potters who are continuing to make the traditional face jugs and potters who have new ideas about faces on ceramic pieces. This was my favorite - the expression on this face is exactly how I feel some mornings!!

Here are some others:

Fired Works is presented by the Macon Arts Alliance and GEICO. Macon Arts Alliance is a huge part of an active arts community in Macon and I want to pause here to thank Jan Breeland, Executive Director of the MAA, for allowing me to photograph the pieces for Confessions of the Obsessed.  Also, many thanks to Kim Schnell for her kind reception and help.

Did you think that I had overlooked tableware at the show? No way!! Here are some interesting examples of those pieces:

There were pitchers, plates, mugs, bowls, covered baking dishes, etc.! One potter had made a dish (see above with sunflowers) to serve cheese balls and a recipe was included. So clever!!

Well, I had better stop now, so you will still have time to visit the show. I would have loved to have shown you all of the 227 photographs that I took, but I must leave you something to discover!!  Please, please attend, if you are anywhere near Macon. You are in for a treat!! This is a regional event and well-worth the effort, especially if you are obsessed with pottery - oh well, just one more obsession for me!!!

Have you been wondering what I bought?

I purchased this magnificent ram teapot by Bob Marable of Watkinsville, Georgia. Obsession, indeed (!), and you know brown is my favorite color!


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  1. What a wonderful show! I would spend wayyyyyyy too much! Your ram teapot is crazy cool!

  2. Oh what fun to visit that wonderful place with your sister! I enjoyed seeing all the beautiful things and I'd especially be drawn to the teapots. xo

  3. I love anything hand-made, and pottery is no exception! Your Ram teaopot had me gasp with delight and envy! Love it dear and glad you had fun with your sis!

  4. How great that you live close to such a terrific event...so many beautiful pieces of pottery!!!...glad you found your treasure!!!

  5. My eye went right to the Mackenzie-Childs lookalikes...adorable! It looks like you had a blast, I love looking at works of local artists! Thank you for sharing.

  6. This looked like a great time! So many beautiful pieces!!


  7. I do drool to all the great piece of art. Wow! Loving the teapots.

    Hope you have a great and a blissful weekend with all your lovelies around.

    Thank you Maam Diane for coming to and visit me regularly in D´Box.


  8. WOW! What a show and what temptations! It's a good thing I live cross-country from you!! Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  9. FABULOUS ceramic pieces, hubby and I would have loved to be at a show like this one, as we were ceramists up to 5 years ago! I love the teapots in their funny shapes! Thanks for sharing sweetie and have a fun weekend.

  10. What a treat to see all these hand made pottery pieces. Thanks for taking us along.

  11. I am a potter and love going to these kind of shows. Such eye candy!!! Thanks for the beautiful pictures. Hmmmm a dish for cheeseball n crackers....might just have to make me one of those! !!

  12. I'm a lapsed potter, and because of your post, the slab roller and kiln in my garage, I'm thinking about getting out tomorrow to buy 25 pounds of clay. I feel a play day coming! Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay