Monday, April 14, 2014

Mr. and Mrs. Bunny Come to Easter Lunch

When I first spotted these gorgeous Dena Home "Marrakesh" napkins at Tuesday Morning, I knew that I would use them for our Easter lunch. The design was so bright and cheerful that I felt that Spring had truly arrived. After inviting the family, I decided to add a couple more guests.

Since the Easter bunny has treated so many children through the years, I decided to invite him and his lovely wife to join us.  I imagined that he would be hungry, after delivering all of those eggs and gifts on Easter morning.

When they arrived, Mr. Bunny brought us gifts of eggs he had left over in his basket and Mrs. Bunny arrived with an umbrella.  I guess, she had been watching the weather report more closely than I!

As I was setting the table with my Galway "Longford" iced beverage glasses and my Circlware turquoise wine glasses, I noticed something peculiar...

Another set of bunnies had appeared on my table.  Oh well, I thought, I will let them hop around the table serving salt and pepper! They seemed happy enough with their new assignments and I continued setting the table.

The plate stack that I chose for my guests included a Maxwell and Williams "Paint" charger in pink and a Fitz and Floyd "Carissa Paisley" dinner plate in blue.  On top, I used a  J C Penney "Conventry" pink salad plate.

The silver flatware is "Imperial Queen" by Whiting.

I went into the kitchen to fetch a pink footed "Teardrop" compote by Indiana Glass to use in the centerpiece and, when I returned, guess what I found????

Another Mrs. and Mrs. Bunny!  Did I forget sending out another invitation?  Do I have enough plates on hand??  My, these bunnies are multiplying as fast as - well, rabbits!!

After filling the compote with pretty pastel eggs, I looked at the table to see what else I needed to add.

You guessed it - another bunny couple had appeared!

This couple was so small that I almost did not notice them at first.  They had really sweet faces, so I did not mind so much that they were crashing my party!!

Actually, I had a brilliant thought! All these bunnies needed to go somewhere, so I decided to use them in my centerpiece!  

I did not think they would mind showing off their Easter finery for a while.  Actually, I thought they would enjoy it! They looked pleased with my surprise.  However, they had one more surprise in store for me.

All of my egg cups had been filled with pink bunnies!

Imagine my surprise!  Then, it became clear that the bunny couples had brought along their children and they were all girls! Not a future Mr. Easter Bunny among them.  Well, it is about time that a lady has the opportunity of being the Easter Bunny!  I cannot wait for these baby bunnies (did you know the correct name is kits or kittens??) to grow up to see which one gets the job.  

After considering the evidence, I think that I have solved the mystery of how all of these bunnies were invited to my Easter lunch.  Does this lonely little bunny napkin ring look slightly guilty to you? 

Any way, the bunnies are darling and well-behaved.  They look happy parading on the table and I think that my family will be happy dining here.  I hope that you and your families (and any unexpected guests!) have a wonderful Easter!!


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  1. Hi Diane,
    Very cute centerpiece, they all looks so cute..........
    and your whole table looks lovely and inviting.
    cute lil bunny napkin rings and pretty napkins too.
    Happy Easter to you and yours,
    Blessings, Nellie

  2. Pretty and Precious. I love the sets of Bunnies in your centerpiece for each set has their own character. The napkins add so much color to your layers of paster plates. have a fabulous Easter!


  3. Diane, that pastel plate stack is gorgeous. Your bunnies are all so cute, but I am adore that tall Mr. and Mrs. Bunny. Great idea to use the two bunnies as salt and pepper servers, and those napkins are beautiful. laurie

  4. Diane, those napkins were the perfect inspiration for your Easter table! I love the colors, and they work so well with your dishes and glasses. I know your family will be charmed by all the bunnies, and I love the idea of Peeps in the egg cups! May have to copy you on that idea! My grandkids would love it!

  5. What a fun post to read this morning, Diane! It sure put a smile on my face and I thank you. Your muttple bunnies are a bright addition to your Easter table. Happy Easter blessings to you, my friend. xo

  6. Dianne, Your Easter table is delightful! I love all your bunnies and eggs. Your napkins were a perfect inspiration to begin your table.

    I hope this Easter your family will especially enjoy one another around your pretty table. Have a blessed Easter.

  7. I love the combination of pastel pink and blue. It's a very serene and happy table. Have e nice Easter.

  8. That was so cute! I would have snapped up those napkins too! You can use them with so many colors. I esp. Like the first rabbit couple, lovely lines! Yes the ice storm this morning made me hopping mad! It was hare raising! :). Happy Easter, D, see you Wed for our push away winter SPRING table tour.

  9. Cute post. LOL @ the bunnies multiplying.
    Lovely napkins. You'll be able to use those in lots of different tablescapes. Adorable bunny collection. Very pretty table with the pinks and blues.

  10. I enjoyed your Easter post so much. Interesting and different.

  11. What a sweet and inviting table ! I know you will enjoy a delicious meal and Easter blessings around it.

  12. Diane, Love your beautiful Easter Table! Would love for you to share at Simple & Sweet Fridays this week! New Follower. Happy Easter!

  13. Loved your table and your "story"! Very entertaining! Great collection of bunnies! Happy Easter!


  14. So many cute bunnies on your table. Your stack of dishes is delightful and so pretty with the napkins and the little bunny napkin rings. Happy Easter!

  15. My comment about how beautiful your table is did not show up here..arghh
    well, I'm back to tell you again...I love your beautiful table...
    Love, Mona

  16. This is all so beautiful! I love all those colors! You have a nice collection of cute bunnies! I hope you had a nice Easter. (Sorry to be late with my reply to your sweet comment!)


  17. This is a wonderful post! I love your tablescape and had a smile on my face at each new bunny who appeared on your table!! What a clever idea to use egg cups for sale and pepper! I'm going to do that next year on my Easter table!! Thank you for brightening my day--- Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  18. Love all those beautiful bouncing bunnies! Gorgeous flatware, I need an ornate set in yours!