Monday, June 2, 2014

Minton Marlow

Do you have a favorite china pattern that you can use with many different colors?  One pattern that can be used like that is Lenox "Solitaire", which I recently featured in a post, which you can view  HERE.  However, the pattern that I am using this week is "Marlow" by Minton..

I cannot tell you how much I love this china. Do you see all of the beautiful colors of the flowers and the green leaves?  It is amazing and I think that I have used this china with every color you see.  For this post, I chose to use it with pink and blue.

After placing the china on blue place mats and adding pink and blue Fostoria goblets, I thought that I needed something more interesting for the centerpiece.  I finally realized that blue (actually, it is called "lavender") Wedgwood Jasperware would be perfect. Since, Jasperware is one of my many obsessions, I certainly had enough pieces to add to the table.

Of course, pink flowers were a must, so I made a trip to my neighborhood Publix to purchase some stems  and I had the perfect centerpiece for my pink and blue theme!

What is not to love about Jasperware?? All of the colors are gorgeous and, if you have an obsession, I highly recommend a trip to the Birmingham (Alabama) Museum of Art, which houses the Beeson Collection of Wedgwood.  My husband made a trip happen for me on one of my big birthdays and I truly was in china heaven.  Here are just a few of the many treasures that you will see there:

If you would like more information on the Birmingham Museum of Art, you can search the website HERE.

In addition to the Fostoria rose "5098/5298" and the blue "Wilma" goblets, I chose Watson "Bridal Flower" sterling flatware.

I always think of this flatware pattern, when I use "Marlow".  However, the pieces of this pattern, which was discontinued by 1910, are not always easy to find.  I have cream soup bowls and saucers in the "Marlow" pattern, but I do not have "Bridal Flower" soup spoons. I usually use Gorham "Strasbourg", when serving soup.

Pretty white on white embroidered napkins complete the place settings.  I found these napkins on Etsy a few years ago and I still think they are just lovely!!

There are so many things happening in my life right now and I am not sure if I will be doing any more posts for a while.  It will definitely be a "hit or miss" situation.  My husband is retiring this month and we are having to make some huge life decisions!! Of course, this comes at a time, when he has given me a wonderful gift to help create better photographs for the blog!  He bought me a set of soft boxes (told you he is a "keeper"!) to use in my dining room and they have made a world of difference! Shooting white has always been a challenge in that room.  Here is a photo that I took last year using a white tablecloth:

And here is a photograph that I took for this post using the same white Ralph Lauren tablecloth, but with the additional light from the soft boxes:

So much better!!

This is the first table that I have shot using the lights, so I am hoping that I will get better and better in figuring out exactly where to place them.  Oh, happy day!

If anyone is interested in seeing more of Minton "Marlow", you can find many different pieces on several sites, like eBay or Replacements.  There are two marks that were used on this pattern - the older, globe mark that was used from 1938-1958 and the newer, wreath mark that was used from 1959-1997. Most of my pieces have the globe mark, but I have some of the newer ones, too.  Fortunately they look alike, so it is no problem to mixing them together.

There is one more thing that I want to mention, before I close this post.  Over the Memorial Day week-end, one of my dearest friends lost her battle with lung disease.  She had endured a lung transplant eight years ago and was waiting for another.  She could not hold on long enough to receive it. She was very brave and grateful and she lived each day with a positive attitude. Without the first lung transplant, she would not have lived long enough to welcome all four of her grandchildren into the world. She leaves a legacy of three fine young men that she and her husband raised and their beautiful families.  She, also, leaves behind many grieving friends.  She loved life (she is the one in the middle in the back who is laughing), but when it was time to leave this earth, she did that with grace.  There is a good lesson for all of us here - we know what it is, but sometimes we forget.  Live each day with gratitude and, "when death finds you, hope it finds you alive" (Japanese proverb).  Rest in peace, sweet Mary. I will miss you always...

Hope to be back in blogland, as soon as possible!!


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