Sunday, January 11, 2015

A Late Happy New Year!

I really did not have time to post a tablescape today, but I am tired of still having a Christmas post appear every time I look at my blog - yikes! So instead of a tablescape, I decided to share a few things that have been happening (involving dinnerware!) around here and in Florida.

First, I will tell you the story of this beautiful Lenox "McKinley" china.  I spotted the china in November at a wonderful shop in Panama City Beach, Florida called "Coastal Cottage Emporium", while I was visiting right after Thanksgiving.  I walked into the store and saw the most incredible marble topped table decorated for Christmas with this china. I fell madly in love, but it was almost Christmas and I did not even ask the price for the six 5-piece place settings.  However, I could not get it off my mind - ladies (and some of you gents!), I think you know what I mean.

After returning home, Christmas came and went and I was off to the beach, again.  One day, my husband and I were headed to Destin and nearing the Coastal Cottage Emporium. My dear  husband insisted that I go into the store and ask the price of the china, if it was still there. After much a little protesting,  I went inside and, to my surprise, the set was still there.  The price was unbelievably low ($235) and they gave me an additional 10% off. In addition to that, the set included two serving bowls, which I had not noticed on my first visit - win, win, win!!  Well, needless to say, I snapped up the set (thanks, again, to my sweet, sweet husband) and the china now is resting in one of my dining room china cabinets. Wow, it does pay to ask!

The second story involves that same trip. While I was at the beach, I did a little "Windows" shopping (what I call my online browsing for goodies) and I discovered that Lenox was having a great sale on "Holiday Platinum" salad plates.  Even though, I have an obsession with my Spode "Christmas Tree" pattern, I have always wanted some Christmas plates to use with my Lenox "Solitaire".  The plates were marked down to $14.95 from $27.00 and included free shipping - a no-brainer!!

My final discounted purchase during the holidays was for two Bordallo Pinheiro "Cabbage" chargers or large dinner plates (I have seen them called both names).  I found someone on eBay selling both for $23.00, plus shipping, which was not bad.  I was so excited.  I have been trying to collect 10 of these and I think that I now have eight.  Yes, dancing the happy dance!

So my question for all of you is this - did you find bargains at the after Christmas sales?  I love shopping then, especially, on tableware. I would love to read about your "finds"! I promise not to be too jealous, if you found some really great things on sale!!

Hope the new year has been good to you so far.  I cannot wait to read your posts in the coming months. Happy New Year, blogging friends and readers!!


P. S. If you find yourself in Panama City Beach some time this year, stop by the Coastal Cottage Emporium! It is an amazing place - 17756 Panama City Beach Parkway (Hwy 98), Panama City Beach, FL.  Phone, 850-249-3782. They have no idea that I am giving them a "shout out", but a trip there is definitely worth your time!


  1. Beautiful new china, Diane, love the Holiday Platinum plates, but my favorite is BP cabbage. I am glad to hear someone else's hubby is an enabler to our "hobby"! FYI...Most of the Buy It Now sellers will accept lower offers...that is how I buy 95% of my eBay purchases...I very seldom get into the bidding wars as I always end up spending more that way.

  2. I love your new China. It is beautiful and classic. What a great deal! I have two patterns of Lenox China. The first, which is so beautiful and timeless is Eternal and the second is made by Lenox and is bone china but goes by Oxford and the pattern is Fontaine. I also love the BP plates. They are fun to use and I love to use my BP rabbit plates at Easter.

    1. Thank you, Bella! I love Eternal by Lenox - it is a classic! I was not familiar with Fontaine, but found it and it is beautiful. I know it looks gorgeous mixed with Eternal. Oh, isn't it fun to have obsessions???

  3. I love your purchases, Diane! Your hubby is so sweet to talk you into buying things that you can't get off your mind. The only thing I've been buying is teacups to satisfy my dish obsession.
    Happy New Year to you!

  4. Your husband is so sweet Diane, I know what it's like and I am happy you got it! It looks beautiful and I can't wait to see it all set-up! I have to check out that store once I head out that direction again. Happy new year to you too!

  5. Ooooo, Diane, that Lenox "McKinley" china is BEEEAUTIFUL!!! What a deal, too! You will enjoy using that for so many occasions to come. I'm happy you went back & were able to still get it. Yippee~Skippy~

    Sorry I haven't been by lately to check on your pretty postings. I shall go catch up right now.

    Sending "Happy & Healthy" New Year wishes your way.

  6. I'd say you did quite well with your purchases! I always say that if you see something, pass it up but continue to think about it, you are meant to have it! Glad all of those lovely dishes found their way to your home!

  7. Wow! Your husband was so right to ask you to go inside. The china set is gorgeous!

  8. OMG, Diane!! What finds! I love Lenox...their patterns are so timeless. I can't wait to see your table using your new McKinley! I have the Eternal set and the full Holiday (plus some "extras" that I actually just used and put in a post I just posted). I started the Holiday with just the dessert plates and cups and saucers (a gift from my sweet, sweet grandmother), because it goes so beautifully with the Eternal pattern, which is what you've done with your Solitaire. You will LOVE having that Holiday pattern!

    No bargains here! We were still "Christmasing" until last Saturday when we had our Epiphany/Three Kings party, and then it's taken all week to get everything put away, so I couldn't even bring myself to go shopping!

    Happy new year to you and your family, Diane. ~Zuni

  9. The white and gold china is stunning, nothing more beautiful than this! Amazing finds sweet friend, you did great! Happy new year and many blessings.
    Thanks a lot for your sweet visit and for your concern over Alexandra. Thank goodness she is so much better.