Thursday, February 19, 2015

Ice, Ice, Baby!!

Oh, how I have been following this crazy winter in the Northeast, where I have so many blogging friends.  This post is a tribute to all of those friends who have been enduring the horrible blizzards!

My family, of course, has seen no ice, sleet or snow! My friend, Mona, who blogs at Hidden Art of Homemaking and lives in my state did have a terrible ice storm.  I am sure she will post photos on her blog soon.  She had some damage to her deck and lots of limbs were down.

I found this photograph that was Tweeted out by the Boston Red Sox in January showing Fenway Park.  I was interested in it, since I visited Fenway last summer and it looked nothing like this! Also, I have a friend who lives in Jacksonville, Florida. Her son and daughter-in-law are spending a year in Boston - can you imagine what those young people think of winter???? Bless their hearts! 

It was 21 degrees here today, which was very cold to us.  However, some of my readers will think that is a heat wave.  My daughter, son-in-law and one of my grandchildren visited Alaska in January.  When they arrived, it was -42 degrees.  I am not sure how they survived, but they had a wonderful time.

I read recently that Ithaca, New York has "thrown in the towel" and posted on their tourism website not to visit them, but to travel to Florida instead.  How funny is that? The weather must be horrible there!

My husband and I did travel Florida recently and the weather was fantastic.  People were swimming in the ocean!  I can see why the "snowbirds" want to winter there every year.  Our condo parking garage was full of cars from the Northeast and Canada!

I thought I would add a little "ice" and "snow" to my table. If this year is similar to most years, we will see neither.  I do wish it would snow a little each winter.  It can be so beautiful, while it is falling.  I have never had to shovel snow, though.  I am sure that it does not seem so pretty then...

Despite the cold, it was a nice sunny day today. It really only seems cold here, when it is cloudy and the wind is blowing.

Well, I am sure that spring will arrive here very soon and I wish for an early spring for those of you who are dealing with the harsh weather.  I have been thinking of all of you and I hope you are staying warm and getting lots of things done inside. Oops, that reminds me that I need to go and clean up the mess that I made shooting this table!! See you soon!!!


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