Sunday, March 22, 2015

Easter Plus!!

Do you know my young friend, Gina, who writes the wonderful blog, "Random thoughts from an incoherent mind"?  I absolutely adore her and her blog.  If you have not read it, you can follow the link here.  You will love her blog and how she can decorate a mantel!! When I was ready to write this Easter post, I truly had an incoherent mind with many random thoughts!

As I was pulling out china to plan my table, I decided that I would like to use my Bordallo Pinheiro
"Cabbage" chargers that I have been slowly collecting.  Here is where the random thoughts began...

When I left home for college, I entered a school that had previously been an all girls' school.  It started admitting boys who boarded the quarter (yep, we had quarters, then, instead of semesters!), before I arrived.

Traditions ran strong there and each class had a theme.  I was in the "Royal" class and we had a sister class two years ahead us who were called the "Irish" class.  Together, we formed the "Royal Irish" group. The other sister classes were the Elephants and the Thunderbirds, who became the "Thunderphants".  These were the four designations and each freshman class fell into one of them and remained there, until graduation. My sister-in-law, who entered the school two years after I did,  was part of the next Irish class - and so it went.

Back to my table - guess which colors our "Royal Irish" classes claimed!  Purple (Royal) and green (Irish).  So, I started thinking about my classmates and wondering if they might enjoy seeing a green and purple Easter tablescape.  Random enough, so far???

After selecting these colors, I decided not to use too many typical Easter accessories, because I have a very sick grandson who will enter the hospital tomorrow, the day after I am typing this post.  I am not sure what my Easter will be like this year and did not feel much like bunnies and chicks running all over my table. I am writing this a bit early, as I am headed out of town tomorrow to keep the other two grandchildren, while my daughter is with Carson at the hospital.

The wonderful reticulated salad plates on top pulled all of the colors together.  I found them for a fantastic price at Maryland China online.

The other random mind issue was that I started thinking about the family in which I grew-up and all of the Easters that we shared.  I dug out a few of old photos and thought I would share them with you.

Yours truly with my Easter basket.  I look very proud!

My dad, my sister and me

My dad and my brother.  I guess my mom was taking the photos!!

I remember how those times were, especially, happy.  The Easter bunny came and we had new clothes to wear to church.  One year, my mother ordered a fancy yellow dress for me from Rich's department store in Atlanta.  I thought I was a princess, indeed.  It came with a matching parasol - can you imagine?? Sadly, I have no photo of that - so wish that I did!! I'll bet most of you have similar good memories of past Easter mornings.

I guess this random mind had better get back to business!!

In addition to the Bordallo charger and the Thun salad plates, I used a purple JC Penney "Chateau" dinner plate.

Sferra lilac "Dusty" napkins and Laurie Gates purple flatware from Horchow were, also, part of the place setting.

I resisted the urge to use two different Fostoria goblets this time, even though I do own purple ones. The purple one here was a very inexpensive purchase from Old Time Pottery. but the topaz one is Fostoria.  It is stem #5099 with the Versailles (#278) etching.

Oh, how pretty, pretty this stemware is, but I could be prejudiced, since I have a definite obsession with Fostoria.  If you are not aware of this, you can read all about this obsession here.

I did include one bunny in the post and I do want to wish all of you who celebrate Easter a very happy and, especially, a very healthy one!


P. S. I thought you some of you might remember my grandson and the guest tablescape that he did for Confessions of the Obsessed a few years ago - see it here. Get well soon, dear boy - Nana loves you!!

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  1. I will pray for your grandson Diane....
    Random or not, I think your table, neither looks mismatched or matched, it is perfect especially with that Royal Irish story you just told! LOVE seeing your picture as a little girl! ADORABLE!Good luck dear and hugs to you all!

  2. Thank you, Diane, for the shout out! I'm glad to see that your mind works randomly sometimes too, just like mine. lol

    As always, your table looks lovely. I love the colors you chose & the stories that goes along with them. Very interesting indeed. The reticulated plates are so very pretty and of course, your Fostoria, too.

    I'll be sending prayers & good thoughts for your grandson. Happy Easter!

  3. I know it's hard to have a beloved grandchild in the hospital! I hope he is soon back home. Your table is gorgeous -- and I love the lavender gingham placemats. The Fostoria stems are SO beautiful! And I loved seeing your "vintage" photos of you and your family in Easter finery!

  4. Hope all is well soon for your grandson.

    I especially noticed the lavender gingham placemats, the purple handled flatware, and loved the vintage photos! I recently became aware of Bordallo Pinheiro when my friend Pat pointed me towards the strawberry leaf pattern for my newest strawberry themed tableware. It is very different from the style of things I have normally collected, but I really like it and haven't been able to resist the urge to push that ebay "Buy it Now" button LOL. Pat has also been helping me try to find breakfast/luncheon/tea trays since I was having no luck. She finally hit on "reticulated" as a key word and voila, lots of options to choose from. I never even heard of reticulated before, and now see that it is also used to describe that cutwork look on your plates. I learn a little bit of something new every day. Another great tablescape!

  5. This is so funny....I read your blog this morning through BNOP and fell in love with your vintage Easter pics and your tablescape! The lovely crystal goblets and the china....stunning! I do so hope your grandson will be restored to good health soon! Thank you so very much for sharing your lovely home!

  6. I love your random thoughts. My brain works this way too. The color inspiration worked great and you made a pretty table with your dishes. I hope your grandson will be feeling better soon and that everything is going all right.

  7. Oh, Diane I love your table! The Fostoria is gorgeous! I'm sooo jealous!

    Have a great weekend....


  8. Well, your random thoughts created a wonderful tablescape.

  9. Your table is so lovely and vibrant with color, Diane. Your bunny centerpiece of flowers is so cute and I adore the etched stemware. The reticulated plates are perfect on top of the dish stack. The napkin ring is the perfect addition to your pretty napkins. Happy Easter to you!

  10. That sweet boy even LOOKS sweet, Diane. I'm sorry I'm just getting here and learning about his hospital admission. Oh, how I pray that all is well with him and therefore you and your family! I will continue prayers until I hear from you. I hope you're able to celebrate Easter fully, rejoicing in his health and His love for us.

    Your post was quite entertaining! :) And your table lovely, as always. I have no idea how I would've missed your Fostoria post, but you can bet I zoomed right over, and wow, oh wow!! I am especially fond of etched pieces (as you've probably surmised by now since I always comment on yours), but I had no idea you had such a beautiful collection! And no idea that you're a Fostoria expert! I love that!!

    Praying for Carson and your family, ~Zuni

    PS - Your little girl pictures are darling! :)

  11. PSS - Thanks for visiting and commenting on my irises post. I keep thinking I need to have some in our yard too! ~Zuni

  12. What a gorgeous table for Easter and your memory photos are so pretty, specially you as a kid very happy with your egg basket, lol
    I have been so late and so busy lately and I haven't been up to date. I am sorry he been in the hospital, and I will pray that he is perfect condition as of now.
    I love the centerpiece and napkin rings...I love it all.
    Wish you a happy and blessed Easter my friend.

  13. Lovely table, the gingham looks wonderful! Thanks for the stroll down memory lane. :)

  14. Beautiful table, and a lovely trip back in time. Sending get well wishes to your grandson!