Friday, March 13, 2015


Can you guess what time it is in my city???? If you have read my blog previously, you already know that I live in a city of cherry blossoms this time of the year!

It is time for the annual International Cherry Blossom Festival! It is the time of the year that everything turns pink here - fountains, clothing, food and even dogs.  Yes, we have pink poodles at our party! This year, the official hashtag is #EatDrinkBeCherry, which is where I got the name for  this post.

Every year, I set a table to honor the festival.  This year, I used Diamond China "Cherry Blossom" salad plates with J.C. Penney "Coventry" larger, pink salad plates and white Mikasa "Yardley" dinner plates.

The glasses that I chose to use are Cambridge etched "Diane" water goblets and Bavarian clear red balloon goblets.

If you enjoy a little wine or, especially, ale, you definitely want visit the festival this year.  One of the newest events is a Beers and Brats Biergarten Celebration.  This one sounds like fun...

Since I have been blogging and have been reporting on the Cherry Blossom Festival each year, I have become obsessed (of course - are you surprised?) with pink tableware.  I finally had to start a "Pink" board on Pinterest, since I was pinning so many pink items.  These wonderful salt and pepper shakers were found on eBay a few years ago.  They are Depression glass pieces in the pink "Block Optic" pattern by Hocking Glass (now, Anchor Hocking), which were produced from 1929 - 1933.

We have a pink pancake breakfast, during the festival, so I thought I would add a little pink treat to my table - pink popcorn.  All of it did not turn pink, so I think I might have to work on recipe a bit.  For you who regularly read by blog, you know cooking is not my greatest talent, but I love reading all of your recipes and seeing your yummy food!

The cherry blossoms on these plates are very pretty, but in no way compare to the gorgeous pastel blooms showing up all over the city in March every year. I live two minutes away from one of the largest collections of the trees, which are on a piece of land called the "Fickling Farm". William Fickling started the festival. He fell in love with the Yoshino cherry trees in 1952! The trees on his family's farm put on a magnificent show each spring and I get to pass by everyday on the way to do errands.  What a gift!

Well, enough of my bragging, about our Pinkest Party on Earth!  You really should visit for yourself.  If you would like to know more about the festival and the activities, you can find all of the information here. You should visit the website, if you cannot make it to the events, just to see how much fun we have each March.  However, there is nothing like visiting, when all 300,000  trees are in full bloom. Plan a visit to Macon and tell them Diane sent you!!!


The Fickling Farm cherry trees!

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  1. Your so lucky to be there Diane! LOVE YOUR PLATES! So pretty and dainty! I'm thinking of pinks and greens for my spring decorating and I'm so excited. Have a great weekend!

  2. That is all so pretty Love Pink
    Hope you stop by and leave a comment
    HPS Laura

  3. What a pretty in pink table in honor of the festival, Diane. I love your layer of dishes and the cherry blossom plates just add the right touch. Your pink popcorn looks very appetizing to me and I'd love a cupful to try.

  4. I have never had the privilege of seeing the cherry blossms except in pictures. I understand it is an awesome sight.

  5. I remember very well reading about that special day on your blog last year. The tablscape you create for that day are wonderful!

  6. Oh this sounds especially lovely to someone living in an muddy, mucky, icey, snowy urban setting. Og for warm southern breezes and showers of cherry blossom petals! Lovely table. How ever did you get the popcorn pink? If it were very pink it might not look as tasty. Happy Pink Saturday!

  7. What a special table...the etched stemware is dainty. What a wonderful sight you must be enjoying this time of year!
    We are beginning to see a bit of budding here in Houston...we've had a lot of rain this winter so we're all expecting the wildflowers to be abundant!

  8. Oh Diane the softness of the pink is so beautiful I would love to see cherry blossoms in bloom I live near pecan and walnut groves and their blooms are beautiful too but nothing like the pink of cherry blossoms.Susie

  9. Diane I love your plates!! just beautiful! actually, I love anything with cherry blossoms on it!
    Happy Spring!

  10. Oh, Diane, what a precious table! Your pink tablecloth beautifully anchors your dish stack (LOVE those salad plates!!!) Everything is absolutely lovely and perfect for your cherry blossom celebration. I would love to see those blooms in person! Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  11. Hi Diane. The cherry blossoms down your way are a few weeks ahead of those here in DC. Peak bloom time at the Tidal Basin forecast is Apr 11-14. Cherry blossoms are so beautiful, and I absolutely love your themed tablescape. I'll have to add that cherry blossom patterned china to my list of favorites! The Diane glasses are great - how appropriate for you to collect that particular pattern :-) The pink Block Optic depression glass salt/pepper complement perfectly. I have a few pieces of the pink depression glass Cherry Blossom pattern that would go very well with your theme, but I think the lighter pink of the Block Optic is nicer with that china. I missed Tablescape Thursday this week, but have one ready for next week. I look forward to seeing more of your creations!