Monday, April 6, 2015

Greatest Show on Earth?

Oh, to be in Georgia now that it is Spring!! The dogwoods and azaleas are blooming and all eyes are looking toward Augusta this week.  Yep, it is Masters time and all of us are excited to say the least...

It, definitely, looks like Spring in my garden back yard! As beautiful as our Yoshino Cherry trees are,  when they are blooming, there is nothing like the show that the dogwoods and azaleas present each Spring.

Every year, I try to set a table worthy of the glory of the golf course at Augusta National, but I have  never achieved anything close.  My husband and I, fortunately, have been to the golf tournament many times, but we no longer have access to badges to attend - one of the few downsides of retirement (sniff!)! I am not terribly interested in golf, but I would not take anything for the times that I have witnessed the Masters course in full bloom.

Of course, I always must mention that my husband, also, was fortunate enough to play the course a few years, ago, with a friend from Augusta.  In Georgia, that is almost as good, as finding the Holy Grail! It was a very happy day for him.

I started collecting Masters tableware on my visits to Augusta and my collection has grown quite a bit from the early days, when the only things that I brought home from the tournament were plastic cups! This year on my table, I am using salad plates that came in a set of four - two white with green geometric shapes and two green with white geometric shapes.  They all include the Masters logo and have gold trim.

The first plate that I ever found was this one made by Shenango.  It is thought to have been part of a tableware collection that was used in the dining room at Augusta National, probably in the 1940s.  I found it on eBay and I have never seen another like it.  It is slightly worn and looks like restaurant ware. In this photo, you can see a few other pieces in our collection of Masters memorabilia.  One of my previous posts showed many more pieces. If you would like to see them, you can view that post here.

I wish that I had photos of the flowers and trees on the golf course, but I do not.  We never attended the tournament on practice round days, when photos are allowed.  However, I am trying to show the next best thing - azaleas from my yard.  Can you imagine a hole on the course covered with azalea bushes all blooming at the same time with these gorgeous flowers?? It might just be the "Greatest Show on Earth". Since the land where the golf course was designed previously was a plant nursery, each hole is named for a different plant or tree. "Azalea" is one of the prettiest!

We always liked to collect these glasses.  The Masters logo is on the front and the list of the previous tournament winners is printed on the back.  They are the perfect size for juice, a small glass of milk, or a cocktail. We, also, have a couple of the wine glasses.  I wish that I had bought more of those, but perhaps they were sold out on the day I arrived at the gift shop.  We usually attended the Masters toward the end of the week and the gift shops were always madhouses with many of the newer items  already gone. If you have ever been, you will understand what I mean!

Each year, there is a newly designed mug that everyone tries to buy.  I think this green one was the newest model the last year our family attended. I have a few others from different years.

I know that Spring is beautiful everywhere, but I must write that Spring at the Masters is something to behold. I am wishing all of the golfers competing this week good luck and I am sure that the suspense will be terrible, until we see who will be awarded the newest "Green Jacket" on Sunday!!


P.S. Oh, a very special "shout out" for good luck is directed at golfer, Russell Henley, at the Masters.  He is our "home town" favorite...

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  1. I'm not into golf, but I bet the grounds and surroundings in that area are gorgeous this time of year. Your table with the beautiful bouquet of lilies is stunning. Longing for lilies here in Wisconsin. :-)

  2. I love the story behind this tablescape! I had no idea that such dishes existed! Lovely!

  3. It's a lovely table and I really like that it is linked to so many happy memories for you!

  4. Hi Diane, I love the azaleas and the garden photo of your back yard. Absolutely beautiful. I've never been to the Masters, but my sister's husband's family has tickets every year. My brother-in-law gets to go every couple of years and has always said how great it is to be there in person. I'll have to show him your tablescape with the Masters memorabilia.

  5. My comment disappeared, not sure if it was sent. Anyway, I will just repeat what I said. Your azaleas are gorgeous, Diane. I think ours bloomed early cause when we got home, there were hardly any blooms left. John retired and we spent the whole month of March in Florida. Your table is beautiful too...Christine

  6. Great the azaleas.

  7. How fun for you to collect this memorabilia. What a wonderful collection. I have a son that lives not to far from there. It is so beautiful in Augusta. You are lucky.

  8. Your Masters table is great Diane! You have so many wonderful things! We are huge golf fans and are lucky enough to have inherited my husbands father's tickets. My son is there this minute having a ball. We have been many times too, and usually just let him go with friends...he always brings home shirts and kids clothes and plastic cups. The flowers look especially gorgeous this year! Love your green lattice plates expecially~ good luck to your home town favorite!