Monday, April 13, 2015

Pinterest Anonymous!

You can confide in me, friends...Does you heart skip a beat, when you see this emblem? Do you want to drop everything and fling yourself into the vortex of the Pinterest "other world"?? Well, I for one am here to confess:  Hello, my name is Diane and I am a Pinterest addict!

When I first signed-up for Pinterest, I truly did not understand how wonderful it was and created only a few boards with a few pins on them.

These were my first three boards and I did not have this many pins on them, but I thought this was pretty great.  I discovered how to follow other people - the first two were my friend, Mona, from Hidden Art of Homemaking and my friend, Emily, whose daughter is an up and coming New York designer, Lindsey Coral Harper.  I wrote about Lindsey in a previous post that you can read Here.  I started following Lindsey a little later, but all three of these women have incredible taste and I knew that I would find creative ideas on their boards.

Now, I am following 80 people and have 42 boards - I have holiday boards and color boards and recipe boards and obsession boards...and I cannot stop pinning!!!! I do need help, but I decided getting my addiction out in the open might be good for me. So, I hope you do not mind, if I confess  my obsession and share a few of my favorite pins with you.

This is probably my favorite pin.  It is on my "Mad for Plaid" board and it is a photo of a WW1 era Scottish Officer's doublet jacket.  The wrap is the Cameron of Erracht Highlanders tartan.  Since I have Cameron ancestry, it is beautiful to me! I bought a blanket exactly like this in Scotland and love it.

Another of my absolute favorite pins is this one from Japan.  Most of you know that Cherry Blossoms are near and dear to my heart and this photo shows how our Cherry Blossoms look, when they are falling.  My city looks like pink snow is coming down!  This pin in on my "Pink" board.

In case you think I have forgotten about tableware, fear not! This tablesetting from a house in Provence can be found on my "Green" board.  I have visited Provence, but dining at this table with that view, even once, would make me want to move there!

How do you like this very swanky china that is pinned to my "China Obsessions" board?  I have no idea of the origin of this photo.  It was posted on the internet by someone who stated they did not "own" the pictures she posted.  I found it on Pinterest and pinned away! I am not sure that I would have an occasion to use this, but it is fun to see! If you love "bling", you will adore this!

With Mother's Day coming up fast, you might like this "Mother's Day" bouquet that I pinned onto my "Other Holidays" board.  It would be such a fun family project (without Mother, of course - it should be a surprise!) to use as a centerpiece on a Mother's Day dining table.  What fun! 

I have a board for pantries and butlers' pantries and this is one of the pins that I wish I could build in my house.  It is part of Celine Dion's Montreal home.  Can you imagine???  Look at all of the small drawers that could hold flatware and napkin rings.  I want this!!!! Pinterest, how could you make me want to kill for desire this so much????

The last pin that I will share is this iconic photo of Audrey Hepburn, when she played Holly Golightly in "Breakfast at Tiffiny's". This pin is on my "Black and/or White" board.  I long for the days, when clothes were meant to enhance a woman's look - the woman was supposed to "shine".  People might say, "You look wonderful", instead of "What a beautiful dress!". Almost every piece of clothing that I see these days screams something (not sure what!), instead of being classy and elegant.  Oh, well!  I am sure that I am part of a older, lost generation.  However, I do miss elegant, well made items.  One thing regarding Pinterest, though, is that by looking at all of the photos on the site, it is easy to get a sense of one's own taste. That is a real plus, if you think you love everything, like I do.  When I look at my boards, I am amazed how almost everything is goes together like a jigsaw puzzle.

If you are having a severe problem staying away from Pinterest, please contact me - the first meeting of Pinterest Anonymous will be next Wednesday at 10:00 A.M - hahahaha!!

Happy Pinning!!


The Louvre, Paris - from my Favorite Places and Spaces Board


  1. Diane,
    I love this post..As you probably know, I am a little bit of a Pinterest addict
    Funny thing..I just watched Breakfast at Tiffany's Friday while laying on the sofa getting over this cold. I had some of the same thoughts.. Where has the elegance gone from our society? Let's bring it back. .
    Thanks for the mention. .
    I really enjoyed this post..

  2. I joined Pinterest when I had a data based Internet plan. Looking at so many photos devoured my gigs of data, so I closed my account. Your photos are great and make me yearn a little. Do you spend hours a day on Pinterest? I'm afraid of that too. It's time for gardening, lol.

  3. Oh my, you're too funny, Diane! I'm probably the only person in the world that's not on Pinterest. I'm afraid that I'd be consumed by it and I'm already on the internet too much as it is!! LOL! Anyway, I have a friend that is always sending me her "pins". I soooo love that bouquet of faces and may have to do one of those someday for myself with all my family.
    Pin away, sweet friend!

  4. I started out with 5 boards and after a little while it blossomed into many, many more. Diane what you pin gives me ideas for my home and own boards. Please keep up the excellent work.

  5. Wow! I love the pics that you pinned, Diane. I need to find and follow you and I should use Pinterest more often but I have been extremely busy....Christine

  6. Ok-
    I was right there with you-
    dressed like Audrey Hepburn scanning my butler's pantry!

    And yes, I am an addict.

    Enjoyed visiting,

    White Spray Paint blog

  7. I love this post, Pinterest is wonderful, isn't it? I started about the same as you, and I am an addict too! As a matter of fact, I also have a Mad For Plaid board, and the garden pic here was one of the first I pinned! :)

  8. Your Pinterest boards are much more exciting and eclectic than mine.

    I check Pinterest all the time when I begin planning a project. I used it tonight to come up with a design for a banner.

  9. I will be at the meeting, Diane! I'm obsessed! If I can't sleep at night, I get up and browse Pinterest! Going to find you on Pinterest, and follow, and I swear I will not get sidetracked looking at other pins!